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Just Like Obama Backed The Arming Of Syrian Rebels, Trump Is Supporting The Sharia Law Government Of Saudi Arabia In Its Slaughter Of The Yemeni People

By Theodore Shoebat Over 70,000 people have been killed in the horrific war in Yemen. As we read in a recent report from the Independent: The death toll from the war in Yemen has soared past 70,000, as rights groups warned landmines strewn across the country have caused hundreds of casualties and blocked aid. In the past […]

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Major “Conservative” Evangelical Church Embraces The Spirit Of Sodom

God made two genders- male and female -and He separated them at creation. The existence of gender is a worldly reflection that reveals the mystery of the Holy Trinity in simple terms to the human race. It is a good thing. To the contrary, attempts to say that gender is not distinct, that it is […]

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Alcohol Is Declining As Pot Is Rising- The Future Of Drug Use

Drug consumption is common to all cultures, and the drug varies by cultural acceptance. Marijuana is already widely consumed in the US, and according to a recent report is expected to explode over the next decade and beyond: America’s Generation Z is coming of age in a whole new world of weed. This large cohort, […]

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HIV-Infected Sodomite Sexually Assaults A Seven-Year-Old Boy, Gets Caught, Then Hires A Hitman To Try And Murder The Victim And His Family

The Bible makes clear that the most blatantly obvious and perverse of the four sins which cries to Heaven for vengeance is the cause of wanton sin, and leads many to commit more and worse sins. In a horrible story out of Missouri, an HIV-infected sodomite sexually assaulted a seven-year-old boy. When he was caught, […]

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