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david daleiden

Pro-Planned Parenthood Judge Sides With David Daleiden In Massive Pro-Life Court Victory

There have been many positive legal developments concerning abortion and its position in the US. According to a recent ruling, the embattled David Daleiden, who exposed videos of Planned Parenthood participating in human organ trafficking, has been supported in his case by a judge who has a history of favoring the eugenicist organization. The ruling […]

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Hyperinflation Returns To Zimbabwe

The mineral and resource rich nation Zimbabwe has since Robert Mugabe came to power following the Bush Wars gone through multiple bouts of hyperinflation, where the currency denominations reach laughable amounts and yet are worth no more than a few pennies at best. According to a report, hyperinflation has returned to Zimbabwe again and people […]

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Major Sodomite Website Re-Tweets Article “Reminding” People How “Republicans” Want To Stop Sodomites From Having Little Boys Dress Up And Gyrate So They Can Ogle Them

PinkNews is a major sodomite publication that, in spite of their words, advocates for the advancement of pedophilia. In April, they “warned” that “Republicans” were going to outlaw child “drag shows.”: Republican lawmakers in Ohio have filed a bill that would clamp down on drag performances by minors as “child exploitation.” Ohio representative Tim Schaffer […]

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cover photo sinema and migrants

Democrats Are Now Calling On Trump To Deport Migrants

By Theodore Shoebat Democrats are now backing the Trump administration’s policy of deporting migrants to Mexico. Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, alongside Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Doug Jones, D-Ala, have joined forces to support the deportation of migrants who supposedly don’t have valid asylum claims. These Democrat senators are in fact pushing the Trump administration to […]

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