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Richard Gere_Open Arms

After Italy passes law fining ‘rescue’ ships over $1 million to stop ‘Al Bija Boys’, Richard Gere takes part in vessel publicity

After Italy announced a new security bill on Aug. 5 that says skippers of vessels transporting immigrants to Italian ports without permission could face fines up to €1 million ($1.120.000 USD) and their vessels impounded, actor Richard Gere hopped on an immigrants’ boat today close to Italian island Lampedusa. Gere took food on board the […]

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Tensions Boil As Relations Sour Between Pakistan And India, China Steps In And Declares She Will Support Pakistan

Kashmir has been a stress point between India and Pakistan for years. With the recent moves to assert Indian authority over Kashmir, Pakistan has said she is considering cutting off diplomatic ties with India. In addition, China has now stepped into the field, saying that she will support Pakistan’s claims over that of India: China […]

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ICE Agents Turned Away By Homeless Shelter After Refusing To Produce A Warrant

Unlawful search and seizure is one of the tenets upon American law is based. However, this has come under increasing attack, and it is well-known that police and government agents will attempt to compel people to freely abandon their legal protections so they can do what they want. It is permissible under US law for […]

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Bernie Sanders Says If He Is Elected President, He Will Tell Americans The Truth About Aliens From Outer Space

The Democrat 2020 election is as expected, since it appears to be intentionally being thrown in favor of President Trump, turning into a bigger circus than even what one could previously imagine. Joe Biden promised to cure cancer and AIDS and renewed his “hands-on” commitment to children. Beto O’Rourke wrote poems about bestiality. Cory Booker […]

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Kyrgyzstan Chaos As Current And Former President Engage In Nationwide Fight

Kyrgyzstan is a very poor and yet fascinating Central Asian nation locked between China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. She has a very rich and ancient history with the Silk Road, has close ties to both the US and Russia, and given her location, like the tiny nation of Azerbaijan, is in the crossing of many […]

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Russia And Japan Exchange Heated Words, Military Posturing Over Kuril/Senkaku Islands

There is a small island chain between the southern tip of the Kamchatka peninsula of Russia and the northernmost point of the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The Russians call them the Kuril. The Japanese call them the Senkaku. Whatever one wants to call them, they are strategically important because not only to the serve as […]

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