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How Jewish Rabbis Accelerated The Protestant Takeover Of Europe

By Theodore Shoebat King Henry VIII creating a new church because he wanted a divorce is probably the most gossiped about event in the history of the Protestant Reformation. But what is never talked about is how it was a number of rabbis who provided Henry with the theological loophole to justify his divorce, which […]

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FBI Agents Raid Jewish Child Trafficking Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Caribbean Island

Jeffrey Epstein owned the Caribbean island of “Little St. James,” which was also called “pedophile island” because of his infamous liaisons that he would set up between children and very powerful people there. In another development in the case, FBI agents are now raiding the island according to reports: FBI agents raided Jeffrey Epstein’s private […]

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Japan Pledges Three Billion US Dollars In “Assistance” To Africa

Much has been said about massive Chinese investments into Africa, which is clearly being done with martial intentions. However, what is seldom discussed is the Japanese influence in Africa, which is growing. According to recent news, Japan is now planning to invest nearly three billion dollars into Africa, putting her into competition with China: Japan […]

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Evangelicals Finally Mad At Scammer With A History Of Philandering And Lying For The Sin Of Taking The Lord’s Name In Vain

It is no secret that Trump has a history of scammy businesses (see Trump Steaks, Trump Water, and Trump University as starting examples), philandering, and outright lying that has been forced into the public as a part of his presidency. However, American Evangelicals are at last angry with him after he has been persistently taking […]

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Bank Of America Declares There Is A 1 In 3 Chance Of A Serious Recession

I have been warning that 2019 bears disturbing patterns to that of 2003, and that it is likely within five years a major recession will take place, most likely around 2023 based on my own individual patterns of study. I am just one person, and like all people, I have my own points of emphasis. […]

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US Farmers Declare “Trump Is Ruining Our Markets”

Farming is critical to the US economy and her foreign policy. Many farmers supported Trump in the last election. But will this remain to be so for the future? One cannot be sure, as in light of the recent trade tariffs with China, farmers are declaring that “Trump is ruining our markets” according to a […]

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‘A Mass cannot be forbidden’, the prior of the Basilica where Franco is buried tells amidst threats of temporary closure

  By Estefanía Aguirre The prior of the Valley of the Fallen stated that despite an amendment to a law recently proposed by the Spanish government that aims at ‘temporarily closing’ the Basilica if homage is paid to Franco, the Church cannot deny anyone the celebration of a Mass for the soul of a deceased […]

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Germany Would Not Mind Committing Genocide If Nationalism And Militarism Take Over Europe Again

By Theodore Shoebat African migrants are trying to escape violence and poverty by fleeing to Europe. The EU supposedly tried impeding this wave of migration in 2016 by collaborating with the biggest paramilitary group in Sudan, the RSF or the Rapid Support Forces, which was heavily involved in genocide in Darfur, to stop migrants from […]

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