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Rumbles Anew Of Another Revolution As German Bishops Prepare To Defy Pope Francis In Order To Promote Heresy And Sodomy

If the song of history were to be played for each culture, then Germany is like a radio station which plays the same songs over and over, but at different times while being mathematically spaced. There is a seemingly cyclical pattern to German history that repeats throughout time, and especially since the Protestant Revolution that […]

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Trump Forced To Face The Tax Man As His Records Get Subpoenaed By The State Of New York

Normally the political circus is rather boring to watch. However, the next few weeks may have some interesting moments as multiple news outlets are reporting that Trump is having his tax records formally subpoenaed. Trump initially said while running during the 2016 campaign that he would disclose his tax returns. However, that has since been […]

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Chinese Government Caught Planting Malware Into Phones To Spy On Uighur Citizens

Accusations of spying and theft are not new when it comes to intelligence. For centuries, countries have stolen from each other in the name of attempting to secure an advantage over the other for whatever reason, which always comes down to some form of power contests. Historically there are two interests that are fought over, […]

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Major Jewish Crime Family Behind The Opioid Crisis “Legally” Avoids Justice For Crimes

Purdue Pharmaceuticals is arguably one of the most evil companies in business today, with the difference between them and other companies is not in nature, but the fact that they got caught in their crimes. Run by the Sackler family, the company is one of several entities directly responsible for the creation of the opioid […]

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