Spain having WWII / Anti-Semitic flashback; threatens to deport ex-Muslim to Pakistan

Earlier this week, we posted the anti-Muhammad video entitled, “The Innocent Prophet”. Pastor Terry Jones had a hand in the movie’s production and so did a man named Imran Firasat, an ex-Muslim who is now a Christian. Shockingly, Spain is threatening to deport Firasat for inciting violence but in reality, Spain would incite violence by deporting him.

Via Stand Up America:

Imran Firasat faces criminal charges and deportation from Spain. He is a Pakistani ex-Muslim who was welcomed into Spain for protection from Islamic violence. As a result of his speaking out against Islam and revealing the violent nature of the religion, his co-producing with Stand Up America Now of the film called The Innocent Prophet, and because he converted from Islam to Christianity, he faces certain death if Spain sends him back to Pakistan. This is again a result of Western Society bowing to the fear and intimidation of Islam and shows the very nature of Islam.

Spain is citing Penal Code 510 as a reason to prosecute Imran. This Code refers to inciting or provoking hatred or violence, which Imran has not done. Spain’s Ministry of Foreign affairs has threatened to revoke Imran’s asylum status, stating that his youtube, The Innocent Prophet, is “destabilizing” because of the “extreme indignation and sensitivity” of the world’s Muslims.

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We are living in a time when it’s not necessary to read the history books in an attempt to understand why Jews were exiled from Europe in WWII; we’re living that reality right now. Non-Muslims are being sacrificed to Muslim lands in the name of appeasement.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. – Winston Churchill

Shame on Spain. Here is the movie over which Firasat may be sent to his death:

America’s founding fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the first amendment. Spain’s behavior 250 years later officially disproves the theory of evolution.

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