Race War Brewing In This Country

Here is an interview by Jamie Glazov with Colin Flaherty on the growing racial war in America:

FP: Colin Flaherty, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about the recent murder of 20-year-old Joshua Proutey, who was shot for being white by a gang of four blacks who were out targeting white people who were “bound to have money” – as you reported in your story on this for WND.com.

Tell us what happened.

Flaherty: Four black people in Wilmington, North Carolina needed money for marijuana and traveling. So they set out to get it by robbing white people. They tried to break into a house, but were seen, so they fled. They stalked a woman through downtown Wilmington, but she escaped. Finally they came upon a 20-year-old college kid named Joshua. They took his money, cell phone and sandwich. Then he asked them to only take his money and not his ID because he explained to them it was hard to replace. Then they shot and killed him. The reason I wrote about this for WND.com and for my book, is not that it is special, but because racial violence is increasingly common and most media ignore it.

FP: What do you mean it is not “special”?

Flaherty: Racial mob violence and lawlessness ignored by the media and downplayed by the police is now so common I could write a story about it every day.

My backlog is enormous. There have been recent examples of black mob violence and lawlessness in Norfolk, Los Angeles, Tacoma, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Haven, Gaithersburg, England, Ireland, Canada, Baltimore, Phoenix. We have black mob violence against gays, women, Asians, and on and on and on. These are all in addition to more than 400 cases I have already reported from 80 cities around the country.

Much of it is on YouTube. Yet no one is connecting the dots. They even refuse to admit the dots exist.

I received this email from a reporter in the Seattle area:

I check the police reports regularly and what you are saying is simply not reality here. I don’t see “black on white” violence.

I haven’t been beat up, had my car broken into, etc. Actually, I had my car broken into in Bellevue and Arlington, Wash. in places that are predominately white or Asian and have few blacks.

So no, I will not run your piece, now or ever.

Maybe where you live is some completely alternative reality. But other than maybe some isolated incidents, I just don’t see any pattern or anything.

Frankly, I don’t think there’s any more black on white violence than any other violence. In Seattle and Portland?

This is from an area where many accounts of black mob violence are on YouTube — and in my book.

FP: Where is the media frenzy similar to the one that happened over the Trayvon Martin case? I have been checking Pierce Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Geraldo, MSNBC…to no avail. What gives?

Flaherty: We know that answer to that, of course: The usual reaction of the press and its liberal allies is silence and denial. Here is what they almost always say — almost always in the same breathe: One, racial violence is not happening and two, here is why it is happening. The press is afraid to report an epidemic of black mob violence — which of course just encourages more of it. You might be surprised at the virulent, hateful emails I get – from reporters — when my readers confront them with the fact they ignore racial violence and lawlessness.

FP: Can you give an example of a virulent, hateful email you got from reporters?

Flaherty: I have an entire chapter on this in White Girl Bleed a Lot. But here are a few:

Tom Parkinson at the NPR affiliate in Orlando, WMFE, replied to one of my readers when she suggested he read White Girl Bleed a Lot: “F–k You.”

Steve West of WKVT in Vermont has peppered me and several of my readers with nasty emails. The only one I can print is this: “Are you freaking kidding me? I won’t take the time to write the long list of reasons why I’m not interested in your premise. Don’t write me again, please.”

My favorite came from Chicago, an ABC news reader by the name of Ravi Baichwal:

So blacks are implicated in crime in the summer.

Not news. Your perspective is not fresh or particularly interesting.

If you’re such a great writer and commentator, work to solve problems… not put this trash out — and expect someone like me to ape your perspective.

It isn’t riots. It’s disaffected youth for sure but you’re just race-baiting here and it’s meaningless.

I re-read your stuff and looked at your website.

It was late last night when we were conversing and I wanted to double-check my sense of you and your thesis.

I was right. You are an idiot.

There are dozens like this to my readers and me. This is representative of the attitudes of reporters toward reporting racial mob violence: Disbelief to outright hostility.

FP: So why is this happening?

Flaherty: The psychiatrists tell us we are only as sick as our secrets. And nothing is more secretive in the media than racial violence and lawlessness. This secrecy is breeding racism and sickness among people black and white all over the country. And the first step to doing something about it is to stop denying it.

FP: Why the denial? Why don’t people talk about racial violence and lawlessness more often?

Flaherty: A lot of people do not know how to talk about race without sounding racist. So when I wrote White Girl Bleed a Lot, I decided I was going to avoid stereotypes, generalizations, and explanations, which get so many people in so much trouble.

But I also wrote the book without apologies. It is amazing how often people who do not like racial violence feel they have to apologize for noticing it.

I wrote the book for the deniers in the media and elsewhere. After reading it, it is impossible to say this problem does not exist because so much of it exists on YouTube.

FP: Ok, I know we know the answer to this, but just to crystallize the truth one more time: How come we haven’t heard from Obama yet? Maybe in a few days he will be making a statement on behalf of Joshua, saying how he could have been his own son? What do you think?

Flaherty: The most dangerous thing liberals do to encourage black mob violence is create a sense of victimization: That somehow people are somehow entitled to commit violence because they are members of an oppressed, protected group. That of course is the actual language of affirmative action: Some people belong to protected minority groups.

In this case, one of the killers from behind bars said he did not like being stereotyped as a tough guy. The fact that even an admitted 17-year old killer from behind bars uses this language of victimization is indicative of how widespread this attitude is.

Many look at black mob violence and other high rates of black crime and explain it away, saying it is not surprising because of 400 years of oppression. So they switch it around: The predator becomes victim. And the victim is predator. I see this all the time, from police, reporters, ministers, community leaders, you name it. To point this out is to risk being labeled a racist. So many do not.

When the President intervened in the case of Henry “Skip” Gates and Harvard (remember the beer summit?) and the Trayvon Martin case, he may have contributed to that feeling of victimization.

FP: Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? How come we are not hearing from them about this murder of Joshua? They are against racism aren’t they?

Flaherty: Many black leaders scorn those who pay attention to this black mob violence — often directed at white people — because they say violence and lawlessness has been an every day fact of life in black neighborhoods for a long time. It is only now that it is seeping out of these neighborhoods and into other places that white people are paying attention, they say. Lots of examples of that in the book. Jackson, Sharpton and others, of course, like to say that black people are not capable of racism. They are the victims of it.

But White Girl Bleed a Lot is not about explanations or solutions. The contribution of White Girl Bleed a Lot is to catalogue this epidemic and say: “This is happening and you cannot deny it any longer.”

FP: Thank you Colin Flaherty, we are grateful to you for being a truth teller in this time when truth is suffocated.

Posted by Theodore Shoebat


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