Is Video Implicating Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi in Benghazi attacks now more relevant?

Back on September 13, 2012, we posted a video from an Arabic television news report that featured cellphone video in Benghazi on the night of the September 11th attacks outside the U.S. Special Mission Compound (SMC). The cellphone video shows armed men running toward the group with the camera. They can be heard shouting:

“Don’t shoot us! We were sent by Dr. Mursi!”

This is a clear reference to the Egyptian president, Mohammed Mursi. While Cynthia Farahat’s article at FrontPage Magazine explains perfectly why the Egyptian president is who the gunmen were referring to, the video she posts is a bit incomplete.

Some time after we posted the complete video back on 9/13/12, it was taken down. After receiving several requests from readers inquiring about the video’s removal, we have found another Arabic source and have saved it this time. Remember, two days after the attacks, there was still much we didn’t know; we know much more now.

Here is that news report, after which we will provide further analysis:

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We now know – even the Obama administration has admitted as much – that Ansar al-Sharia was responsible for the attacks in Benghazi on 9/11/12. Emails prove it.

So, if Ansar al-Sharia was responsible for the attacks, the video implicates Mursi’s goons as being involved with Ansar al-Sharia as well. Either Mursi was the man behind Ansar al-Sharia or he provided assistance to the group. As a head of state, that implicates Mursi in an act of war against the United States.

Americans would demand a powerful response – right before an election – if that were revealed.

Contrarians might say that the gunmen in the video may have lied when they said they were with Mursi. Ah, let’s concede that point for a moment. Does it not then stand to reason that the gunmen to whom they were making such a declaration welcomed support from Mursi? Didn’t that mean that they too supported or represented Mursi?

Either way, this video implicates the Egyptian President in an act of war on the sovereign U.S. territory in Benghazi. It would seem that the Obama administration may have had more than one reason for blaming a video. An act of war committed by a head of state that resulted in the deaths of four Americans – including an Ambassador – would have necessarily warranted a strong response.

If the gift of hindsight has shown one thing, it’s that Obama had no interest in responding to the Benghazi attacks, either as they were happening or in the weeks and months afterward.

Interestingly, the State Department’s Accountability Review Board (ARB) report makes not one mention of Ansar al-Sharia in its unclassified version of the report.

Does the classified report mention them?


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