Interesting Date on Letter about Huma Abedin sent by U.S. Senator to John Kerry

Huma Abedin skipped town in the same month that the Heat was on last year and a U.S. Senator may be on to her (if so, his way of letting her know is absolutely brilliant).

The date of a letter sent by U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), to Secretary of State John Kerry about Huma Abedin, the former Deputy Chief of Staff to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, matches the date on a letter sent by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and four other congressmen to the State Department’s Deputy Inspector General from one year earlier, about Abedin’s irrefutable familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Bachmann’s letter was dated June 13, 2012 and Grassley’s letter is dated June 13, 2013.

Perhaps providing a bit more intrigue is that Grassley wants answers to questions surrounding Abedin’s alleged resignation from her position as Hillary’s Deputy Chief of Staff at a time when she was at the center of controversy resulting from her being named in Bachmann’s letter. Though Grassley makes no reference to the timing of these two things, had news of Abedin’s departure been made public at that time, it would have most certainly added to the controversy.

Screenshot of Bachmann’s letter last year:


Screenshot of Grassley’s letter to Kerry.


The contents of Grassley’s letter include multiple questions about Huma Abedin’s time as a “special government employee” beginning in June of last year. The questions raised by Grassley in the letter seem to stem from a New York Times article by Raymond Hernandez published last month.

Two paragraphs from that article caught our attention at the time. Here they are, from our May 17th post:

Ms. Abedin reached her new working arrangement in June 2012, when she returned from maternity leave, quietly leaving her position as deputy chief of staff and becoming a special government employee, which is essentially a consultant. A State Department official said that change freed her from the requirement that she disclose her private earnings for the rest of the year on her financial disclosure forms. Still, during that period, she continued to be identified publicly in news reports as Mrs. Clinton’s deputy chief of staff.

Officials in the State Department and Clinton circles seem especially sensitive about the arrangement, and no one would speak about it on the record. Earlier this month, Mr. Weiner released a copy of the couple’s 2012 tax return showing that they had income of more than $490,000.

Again, back to Grassley’s potentially brilliant move here. While he makes no reference to Huma’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and focuses on questions surrounding her work as a “special government employee”, the answers to many of the questions he wants Kerry to answer could do all the talking.

Consider what the correct answers to these questions – asked by Grassley – just might be:

What was (were) Ms. Abedin’s official title(s) at the Department of State from June 2012 until February 2013?

When did Ms. Abedin change her status to “special government employee”?

What effect, if any, did the change have on her security clearance and her access to classified information?

Did Ms. Abedin continue to represent herself as the U.S. State Department Deputy Chief of Staff following her change to SGE?

Was Ms. Abedin recused of any issues at the U.S. Department of State when she became a special government employee? If so, please list all recused issues (our note: think Benghazi).

We also noted at the time that Abedin’s quiet resignation from her job as Hillary’s Deputy in June of last year occurred in the same month that Bachmann’s letter was sent to the Deputy Inspector General of the State Department. According to Grassley’s letter, Abedin was on maternity leave from December of 2011 until she returned to her position at State in June of 2012, only to secretly leave that position in the same month.

The New York Times piece also revealed something else potentially telling:

An associate of Ms. Abedin’s said… that the arrangement allowed her (Huma Abedin) to work from her home in New York, rather than at the State Department’s headquarters in Washington, and to spend more time with her child and husband.

When the heat is on someone, what do they typically do?

They Leave town while not wanting you to realize they’re gone, which is exactly what Huma did.

The lack of transparency by the State Department at the time raises at least one very important question: When and why did Abedin step down as Hillary’s Deputy at around the same time she was named by Bachmann and why wasn’t her resignation made public until last month?

Here is the excerpt from Bachmann’s letter that referenced Abedin and caused the most controversy:

“…the Department’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, has three family members – her late father, her mother and her brother – connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations. Her position affords her routine access to the Secretary and to policy-making.”

Again, according to the New York Times, Abedin quietly resigned as Hillary’s Deputy Chief of Staff in the same month that Bachmann wrote that letter. Yet, Abedin’s defenders operated under a premise that said she never did.

Back on May 17th, we wrote the following:

Had an announcement been made in June of 2012 that Abedin was stepping down as Deputy, it clearly would have fueled the controversy. Nonetheless, two questions need to be answered:

1.) Why did Abedin step down as Deputy Chief of Staff when she allegedly did?
2.) Why was it kept secret for nearly a year?

The New York Times story came out nearly one month ago. Is it coincidence that the date of Grassley’s letter matches the date of Bachmann’s letter one year later? Perhaps, but it’s at least possible that Grassley is sending a message that while he’s publicly pursuing answers to questions that are less controversial than questions about Abedin’s irrefutable ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, he may be privately letting those involved know that he is well aware of the very warranted concerns of Bachmann, et. al.

Perhaps Grassley (like us) has a big problem with the prospect of a woman tied to a group that birthed the group that hit us on 9/11/01 becoming first lady of the city that was hit the hardest.

If you thought the Grond Zero mosque was insensitive, that would be Off. The. Charts.

In either case, we send this song out to Huma:


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