Heresy Leads To Tyranny

By Theodore Shoebat

In our modern age, plunged into the Enlightenment falsehood of tolerance, we stare heresy in the face with apathy. Glenn Beck denies the Trinity, and this does not bother us because to our minds theology means nothing–opinions mean nothing. But is bad theology really that insignificant? Does heresy really effect us? When we make an opinion on a religion, we usually comment on its physical effect, not its spiritual effect. This is a mistake, for from theological error comes errors on human life, justice, freedom, and many of the values which are the basis of civilization.

The Trinity consists of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and because it is absolute, the identity of God has a unique order. To accept this, therefore, establishes order amongst us, and to reject it in turn disestablishes order and brings chaos. Many may laugh at me for saying such an old-fashioned and fundamentalist idea, but as soon as we awaken from our ignorance and consult experience, we will find that this mockery is based on modern fallacy, due only to the insanity of the enlightenment.

To prove my fears of heresy, I will go to the greatest and most solid source for philosophical and theological answers: history.

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Heresy Leads To Tyranny

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny

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