Are Jeb and Karl supporting Immigration Reform (Amnesty) to Protect George W. Bush’s Legacy?

If there’s a truism in politics, it’s that often the most aggressively pursued agendas are the ones that have the most perceived number of benefits to those pursuing them. In the case of the Republican Party establishment and immigration reform, the same most likely applies but for the purpose of this post, we’d like to focus on one benefit that is of particular interest to Jeb Bush, the brother of former President George W. Bush, and Karl Rove, the President’s closest adviser.

Bush 43 typically gets high marks for his response to the 9/11 attacks but if the passage of time has shown anything, it’s that the Bush administration erred greatly in targeting terrorists at the expense of ignoring the ideology and Saudi money that breeds them. Today, we are reaping the consequences of that disastrous miscalculation and informed Americans who understand that now are growing in number. What better time to usher in uninformed aliens and make them Americans who can vote – if you want such a reality suppressed?

First, let’s tick off some self-evident truths…

  1. In the aggregate, Tea Party conservatives understand the Islamic threat to the United States better than any other cross-section of Americans.
  2. Tea Party conservatives long ago decided to eschew party loyalty for conservative ideology.
  3. Republican establishment politicians have eschewed Tea Party conservatives, in large part, for reasons relating to fact #2.
  4. Members of the Republican establishment like Jeb Bush and Karl Rove are pushing for immigration reform (amnesty) while pushing back against Tea Party objections. As such, they’re choosing to side with Democrats over their own party on a wedge issue about which the Tea Party is quite hypersensitive.
  5. Younger politicians, once thought to be voices for the Tea Party – Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Paul Ryan (R-WI) – have thrown in with the establishment on immigration.
  6. In hindsight, it is becoming increasingly obvious that George W. Bush’s policy with respect to Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood after 9/11 was fatally flawed.
  7. When keeping fact #1 in mind, Jeb and Karl would further want to marginalize and dilute Tea Party influence in Washington.

In a kind of tortured logic, the establishment’s argument has become one that says Republicans can’t return to winning elections unless they become less rigid in the face of ‘demographic shifts’ in the country. We’re told that in order for Republicans to start winning elections, they have to legalize a contingent of people (illegal aliens) that overwhelmingly supports liberal, Democratic policies. Allowing those people to vote will not make them vote Republican but it will further marginalize Tea Party influence. Want more proof? Consider far left-wing Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who is one of the Senate’s ‘gang of 8’. He told CNN that the only way the Republican Party can ever hope to win future elections is to pass immigration reform.

Aside from the fact that Democrats lie incessantly as a matter of course, why would a Democrat like Menendez advocate for Republicans winning future elections? Answer: He wouldn’t. He’s lying. Menendez wants the Democrats to win more elections, which is why he wants more Democratic voters. The bigger question is why people like Jeb Bush and Karl Rove agree with a lying, far left-wing Democrat on this issue? This is incredibly vexing and raises bold red flags.  It’s suicidal for the Party. So, what would cause a political party’s most powerful brokers to view suicide as the best option? Refer to facts #1 and #6 above. Rove has skin in the game (his former boss’ legacy) and Jeb has his bloodline in the game (his own family’s legacy).

We concede that there are likely multiple reasons behind what Karl and Jeb are doing but wouldn’t Bush 43’s image be one of them? Anecdotally, ever since leaving the White House, Rove has remained both a prominent media pundit as well as a PAC Power player, ensuring that establishment candidates get preferential treatment, only backing conservatives when they prove adept at overcoming the machine. That Rove has not gone away is not lost on Bob Woodward who, during a panel discussion on Fox News several months ago said, “My last book is going to be called, ‘some people never go away’ and Karl’s going to get his own chapter because he never goes away.” (2:00 mark):

Jeb and Karl represent possibly the two most powerful one-two punch proponents for Immigration Reform within the establishment. Again, we’ll concede that there are multiple reasons for establishment figures to want amnesty but the common thread that runs through both Rove and Jeb is an interest in protecting George. Both men are going all in on immigration reform. Rove is engaging in revisionist history using his PAC to run pro ‘Gang of 8’ ads and Jeb is displaying veiled derision for the Tea Party in his speeches, calling conservatives “reactionary” while calling immigrants “more fertile”. Take note of the urgency with which Jeb speaks. It’s not just that he wants immigration reform to pass; he wants it NOW or the sky will fall.

In an interview with CBN, Jeb referred to conservatives as “chirpers” (toward the end of the clip).

These activities are not only counter-intuitive; they are destructive for the Republican Party and as Republicans themselves, it’s nihilistic and suicidal. Why would Republican leaders seek to destroy their own party? Even Rush Limbaugh, who prides himself on understanding political maneuvering is at a complete loss when it comes to explaining the behavior of Jeb and Karl.

Take a look at fact #5 above and, in particular, Marco Rubio. Here is a guy who relied very heavily on Tea Party support but he has turned his back on them over the immigration debate and via his being a member of the Senate’s ‘gang of 8’. That he lines up with Jeb on the issue is likely no accident. Both men are intimately familiar with state politics in Florida; Jeb was Governor and Marco rose to the level of Speaker of the State House. Rubio cast his lot with Jeb over the Tea Party and his role in the immigration debate should erase all doubt.

If conservatives take control of the halls of power in the future, rocks will be overturned and what will be found under them won’t just be harmful to Barack Obama but also his predecessor, which would certainly be a motive for both Jeb and Karl to do everything they can to either suppress or dilute the conservative / Tea Party vote, which has been learning for years, the extent of Muslim Brotherhood influence in America. Make no mistake; the Bush family and Rove all recognize this increase in knowledge within the Tea Party.

Consider a man named Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi. When the 9/11/01 attacks happened, he was the President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a Muslim Brotherhood group:

It was in his capacity as president of the ISNA that Siddiqi was able to visit the White House just weeks after the September 11th attacks. Yes, the head of a Muslim Brotherhood group was granted inside-access to the President of the United States and, in particular, the George W. Bush administration, only days after the worst attack on American soil. – The Case FOR Islamophobia, p. 279.

Granted, in the days after 9/11, Americans largely had no clue about who the Muslim Brotherhood was – but the Bush administration did. It was their job to know. Shockingly, Rove himself reportedly feigned ignorance when confronted by someone with painfully disturbing facts about individuals in a 9/26/01 meeting Rove and other administration officials had with, among others, Siddiqi. Rove allegedly said in response:

“I wish I had known before the event took place.”

That’s as believable as the notion that legalizing illegal aliens would help Republicans get elected. We’re to believe that Islamists were ushered into the oval office without being checked?!


Nine days earlier, President Bush spoke inside the Islamic Center of Washington while standing with Nihad Awad, Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and heaped effusive praise on what we now know were representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood:

So, if Rove acknowledged the activist’s claim about the attendees in the 9/26/01 meeting as factual – that the former had been meeting with nefarious characters, why would his boss – George W. Bush – attend the same Islamic Center of Washington a year later to heap more praise on Islam?

In 2007, Bush visited the mosque again for its 50 year re-dedication ceremony. Bush was introduced by the mosque’s director, Abdullah M. Khouj, who is a representative of the Muslim World League (MWL), which is a creation of the Saudi government. MWL’s objectives include spreading wahhabist Islam around the globe (wahhabist Islam is al-Qaeda’s brand):

The MWL is significant for many reasons but one such reason is its involvement as the umbrella organization for the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA). This is the same IMMA where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, worked as an assistant editor for at least twelve years until leaving in 2009, to work for Clinton at the State Department. The man responsible for launching the IMMA was none other than Abdullah Omar Naseef, who was the Secretary General of the MWL when Khouj became the Director of the Washington mosque. – The Case FOR Islamophobia, p. 278

As we’ve reported previously, the Muslim World League (MWL), which is responsible for funding much of al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood activities in America, was not even named once in the 9/11 Commission Report.

When Americans finally decide to locate the origin of its Islamic enemy, they will find the Muslim World League (MWL).

Jeb and Karl know this. They also know that by granting amnesty to future Democratic voters, they will destroy the Republican Party and diminish the effectiveness of the Tea Party.

Perhaps they believe suicide is better than the truth being revealed.

Can you think of a better explanation for choosing suicide?


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