Christian Beheaded In India For Refusing To Reject Faith

From Free Canada Press

It is reported that a Christian man was beheaded in Teliamura town, West Tripura, India, on May 25th for refusing to renounce Christ. According to reports, Tapas Bin, 35, had been under heavy pressure from his father-in-law to abandon Christianity. According to police, Tapas married Jentuly, the daughter of 55-year-old Gobinda Jamatiya, three years ago. Prior to this, the Christian man had been a private tutor of Gobinda’s daughter.

Since the marriage, Gobinda had been pressuring Tapas to abandon Christianity and join his tribal religion. When Tapas persistently refused, Gobinda decided to kill his son-in-law with the help of a shaman, Krishnapada Jamatiya (no relation). Police arrested the 42-year-old shaman but were unable to find Gobinda who works at the West Tripura Science and Technology Department and is thought to be on the run.

Jentuly, now the widowed mother of a one-year-old child, told police that her father did not recognize their marriage and had pressured Tapas to convert. What is more, “My father might kill me and my son too,” she fearfully admits. Commenting on the incident, an area church leader states, “Christians in Teliamura are facing discrimination and problems because of their faith in Christ. We have ceased all kinds of Christian activities in the area.” For past reports of persecution, go to

Pray for God’s protection over Jentuly and her infant son, as well as all Christians living in the town of Teliamura. May Tapas’ grieving family and friends experience the comforting presence of Jesus during this difficult time. Please also intercede for the perpetrators of this heinous crime…that they would sincerely repent, turn from their wicked ways, and come to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.

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Posted by Theodore Shoebat