Shocker: Al-Qaeda pledges to fight for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President

Sean Hannity: How is it that Sean Hannity – and a few others of us out here – predicted with pinpoint accuracy that the Muslim Brotherhood would be in charge of Egypt?… How is it that the administration, with all of their intelligence and all of the money we spend to help them and the C.I.A… How is it they didn’t see this coming and they kept telling the American people, ‘This is democracy, democracy’. I don’t view the Muslim Brotherhood as democracy; they want Sharia law implemented now in Egypt.

John McCain: That’s not clear that that’s true.

Interview between Sean Hannity and John McCain on September 13, 2012.

Yes, Senator, it is.

The latest evidence thrown onto the heaping pile of steaming excrement comes via Reuters:

When President Mohamed Mursi made a hardline Islamist governor of Luxor, it seemed his latest folly to many in this city, and across Egypt, who depend on tourists already scared off by unrest since the revolution.

Yet nominating a member of al-Gamaa al-Islamiya, remembered for a 1997 massacre of visitors in Luxor that some call “Egypt’s 9/11”, showed the growing importance to the beleaguered Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood of a group whose leadership includes at least one unrepentant former associate of Osama bin Laden.

That man, cleric Refai Taha, and other leaders of al-Gamaa and its parliamentary wing in Luxor told Reuters they renounced violence because Islamist rule had now been achieved, through elections – but they would take up arms again to defend Mursi and were committed eventually to establishing full Islamic law.

Uh, Senator McCain, the term “Islamic law” is synonymous with “Sharia law”.


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