Middle East Christians Dying in Large Numbers Due to Obama Policies

From Bob Taylor (AINA):

The Middle East is a mess. It almost always is, but thanks to Barack Obama’s foreign policies in the region, it gets worse by the day. Sometimes by the hour.

Obama has a singular strategy. Whether he is dealing with Egypt, Libya or Syria, it has always been the same, and it has yet to work. Arm the rebels against the oppressors, even though they have links to radical Islam and innocent Christians will die in the process. Then hope those moderate Muslim factions will fade away when democratic elections take place.

Whether or not you believe Barack Obama is a Muslim does not matter. He still has Muslim leanings and his efforts in the Middle East always result in increased persecution of Christians along with Islamic empowerment. No one has done more to advance the cause of Islamic jihad than our own president, even when he is not trying.

The president loves to boast about his raid that ended the reign of Osama bin Laden. That was a good thing. Though he ran the operation like Forrest Gump, the result just happened to work out in his favor. No matter. He gets credit, and the results were notable.

If that is the case, however, then Obama must also bear the brunt of the failed policies that have led to significant violence in Egypt, Libya and now Syria.

Same strategy. Same results.

For all of his eloquence, the president has not a clue.

For months, we heard about the line in the sand in Syria. Now that the Obama administration has decided to arm the opposition against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, he has, in essence, declared war on Christians which will ultimately result in further abuses, more deaths and a massive withdrawal from the country.

Christians are frequently the target of human rights violations and excessive violence in Muslim countries when Islamists are emboldened. Only a few days ago, the entire population of a Christian village was massacred in Syria.

The world continues to witness extensive demonstrations throughout Egypt in an effort to oust President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB is a product of Egypt and has been an extremist organization since its inception in the early part of last century.

Al-Qaeda has long regarded the Muslim Brotherhood as a “pioneer” of Islamic jihad.

With the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, many experts claimed the Brotherhood has modified and, in fact, by comparison to some of the other extremist organizations in Egypt, they appear to be less of a threat. However, that is simply a matter of degree.

Islamic extremism is Islamic extremism. What may appear benign in comparison to something far worse is still unacceptable.

Obama and his super-star Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, fell for the moderate moniker of the Muslim Brotherhood as well, and joined the movement to rid Egypt of Mubarak.

Does it not seem odd that for all of the hours Mr. Obama spends analyzing situations to determine the best course of action for the United States, that more often than not he gets it wrong?

Then there is Libya. Act II of the same play. There is no need to rehash what happened there. Congress is still trying to get to the bottom of what really took place. Obama, like O.J. Simpson, is still looking for the killers and Hillary doesn’t even recall what happened that night.

The Obama administration’s woeful ineptness at all things global is not limited to the Middle East. As mentioned previously in this column, the slaughter of Christians and destruction of their churches in Nigeria by Boko Haram is worse than all the combined acts of a similar nature worldwide. How did our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, respond to that situation? He issued a warning not to violate the human rights of the jihadis.

Trying to understand Barack Obama is as confusing as trying to understand the Middle East. The president handled healthcare and the economy in the same manner. Nobody, including Mr. Obama, seems to know what is going on in Washington at any given point in time.

About all we do know is Barack Obama loves basketball, golf, a good party, and he takes a lot of vacations. Then, when the going gets tough, he makes a speech.

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Posted by Theodore Shoebat