Prosecuting Mursi over Benghazi… in Egypt?

The Egyptian military is open to doing the will of its people when its people show up in the streets and number in the tens of millions. These people are not the least bit happy with Barack Obama or U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson. Since Mohammed Mursi’s removal, Obama has been playing with a bit of fire, testing the Egyptian military’s resolve relative to doing the same thing again. As the administration presses for Mursi’s release, the new Egyptian government is sending signs that Mursi will be prosecuted because… the people are complaining.

Mursi has quite the gaggle of supporters in the Obama administration. In fact, as the State Department is publicly calling for the Egyptian military to release the ousted president, the new Egyptian government has called… and raised.

Via Reuters:

Egypt’s public prosecutor’s office said on Saturday it had received complaints accusing deposed President Mohamed Mursi and other senior leaders of his Muslim Brotherhood of spying, inciting killings of protesters and damaging the economy.

The prosecutor’s office said in a statement it was investigating the complaints to prepare a file so that those accused could be questioned. It did not say who had lodged the complaints.

Egypt’s legal system allows prosecutors to investigate complaints made by the police or by any member of the public. It can take days or months for formal charges to appear. Prosecutors rarely issue statements based on complaints before charges are filed.

Did you catch that part in bold about investigating complaints made by any member of the public? As members of “the public”, we’d like to lodge a complaint against Mursi. If we must be members of the Egyptian public, then we solicit this guy to take up our complaint. We believe there is enough probable cause to suggest that he was involved in an act of war against the United States in Benghazi on 9/11/12. We already have overwhelming evidence that Egypt was involved in the attack.

If, as mounting evidence suggests, Mursi was involved in a plot to kidnap Ambassador Stevens, we encourage the Public prosecutor’s office to consider granting Mr. Mursi immunity from the death penalty (not life imprisonment) if he has information that implicates the Obama administration in said plot.

An act of war was perpetrated against the United States on 9/11/12 in Benghazi. There is ironclad evidence that Egypt was involved; there is significant probable cause to suggest Mursi was involved; there is mounting circumstantial evidence to suggest the Obama administration may have been involved in a botched kidnapping operation (the administration certainly obstructed justice by blaming a video). Perhaps Mursi may be interested in turning state’s evidence… in Egypt.

Time for Mursi to spill the beans?

Time for Mursi to spill the beans?


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