Rubio helps Hillary… again

Marco Rubio (R-FL) has hit rock bottom and continues to dig. Earlier this year at a Senate Foreign Relations committee hearing, Rubio rolled over and let former Secretary of State rub his belly during the five minutes he had to demand answers about Benghazi. This week, the same committee held a confirmation hearing for former State Department spokesman and Hillary ventriloquist dummy, Victoria Nuland, who was nominated to be an Assistant Secretary of State.

Rubio, who should know better, failed to heed one very rudimentary lesson among trial lawyers – Never ask a question unless you are already sure of the answer. Upon asking Nuland if she spoke with Hillary about the altering of the Benghazi talking points, Nuland seized upon the opportunity for plausible deniability. This was so counter-productive that it would have been more beneficial if Rubio had yielded his time to a Democrat:

This past January, Rubio took a dive while questioning Clinton:

Let’s see… Rubio helped Mitt Romney in Florida when Gingrich had the momentum; he seems quite cozy with Jeb Bush; he defended Huma Abedin when he should have stood with Michele Bachmann; he played Patty Cake with Hillary on Benghazi; he pushed the Gang of 8 immigration monstrosity which got him a congratulatory call from Barack Obama; and now he’s eliciting exculpatory testimony that helps Hillary Clinton.

It would seem that Mr. Rubio has become a useful tool of the collective. Whatever is in the water there, is now inside Rubio.

Rubio drinking the D.C. Water

Rubio drinking the D.C. Water


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