11 Year-old Yemeni Girl facing forced Marriage, flees

This is truly a story that is both amazing and heartbreaking. Nada Al-Ahdal is a young 11 year-old Yemeni girl who fled from her parents because they wanted to ‘marry her off’. What is encouraging is that Nada has the wisdom of an elder and puts the intelligence level of millions of people – all over the world who are much older than her – to shame.

Nada makes it clear that she would rather die than be ‘married off’ and can’t understand why her parents want to steal her innocence by essentially selling her into pedophilia and making her a sex slave. Fortunately for Nada, her uncle, who helped raise her for nine years is willing to fight for her safety. Both Nada and her uncle have been receiving death threats.

Nada and her uncle.

Nada and her uncle.

Via National Yemen:

Nada’s story goes back to when she was only two years old. At that time, her uncle, who lives alone with his mother, had expressed to her parents his wish to adopt her in which they agreed. And so Nada lived with her uncle in the capital city, Sanaa, and didn’t hear from her real family until about a month ago when they asked to see her. “They told my uncle that they wanted me back. He couldn’t do anything about it; they’re my parents. So he took me back to them.” Nada explains.

Be sure to read about Nada’s story in addition to watching her video.

While the ordeal this young lady has gone through is very sad, her intelligence level at such a young age is amazing. Her uncle likely has a lot to do with that.


In Egypt, just a few months after Mohammed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood took power, a twelve year-old boy displayed a similarly amazing level of intelligence and courage, publicly speaking out against the Brotherhood. Like Nada, this young man has a problem with the mistreatment of women



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