Egyptian boy ID’s Mursi official as his Assailant

When we first saw the video last week, of a young Egyptian boy being beaten by supporters of Mohammed Mursi, it was not known what had happened to him. Now it’s being learned that not only is the boy – Ahmed Osama Sayyed – alive but he went public on Tahrir TV in Egypt and identified his primary assailant, who appears to be a personal associate of Mursi and the “minister of investment” (at the 1:52 mark of video below).

Yahya Hamid with Mohammed Mursi: boy says Hamid was his attacker

Yahya Hamid with Mohammed Mursi: boy says Hamid was his attacker

In this must-see video, there are several take-away moments. Among other things, the young man says the Brotherhood is “barbaric” and says he doesn’t like Mursi. He also confirms that during the attack, he lost consciousness. Remember, while the Brotherhood has been removed from power in Egypt, they are still very much alive and well on the streets. This young man, at great risk to his personal safety, publicly called out his attackers on television.

After showing a clip of the boy being assaulted, the interviewer is visibly disturbed by what he’d just seen (3:49 mark).

Then the boy publicly identifies Yahya Hamid as his primary attacker while Tahrir TV shows photos of Hamid sitting with Mursi.

Yet another brave young man in the Middle East.

At the risk of conflating unrelated issues, perhaps a juxtaposition is in order. It’s important to put what this young man did into context. Remember, Barack Obama’s State Department has publicly called for the release of Mursi, whose “minister of investment” assaulted a young boy in the streets for no reason whatsoever. This young man then finds the courage to speak out on television.

Now, contrast that with what the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives – John Boehner – did on television when asked to talk about young children playing at schools after his party won control of the House in 2010; he cried. Since that time, Boehner has exhibited political cowardice on practically every major issue of consequence.

Perhaps Mr. Boehner should take a lesson in courage from a certain Egyptian boy who’d probably rather be running around, playing on a schoolyard than outing a top Muslim Brotherhood official on television.


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