Anthony Weiner on Huma: “She knew all along”

There is a certain aspect to Weinergate 2.0 that appears to be getting lost. As we reported earlier, while Mr. Weiner’s transgressions are his alone, his wife isn’t all that innocent when it comes to the New York Times Editorial Board referring to the former Congressman as “serially evasive”. In the very same editorial, the Times said “It’s difficult not to feel for Ms. Abedin.”

Huma: Scorned 'architect' of Weiner campaign

Huma: Scorned ‘architect’ of Weiner campaign

The Times can’t have it both ways. Last May, the paper referred to Huma as the ‘architect’ of Weiner’s revival. When Huma decided to become that architect, pushing her husband to run for mayor, wasn’t she evasive too?

According to Weiner at his own press conference, Huma “knew all along”, including before the 2011 scandal, right up until she decided to lead his mayoral campaign this past May. Here are three rather telling excerpts from the Weiner press conference:


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