Gohmert raises Blind Sheikh angle in Benghazi attack

Rep. Louie Gohmert appeared on America’s News HQ this weekend on the Fox News Channel to talk about the Benghazi attack and the recent coming forward of David Ubben, one of the survivors from that night. Toward the end of this clip (starting at the 1:55 mark), Gohmert starts asking questions about why there wasn’t more of a response from our military.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Then, at the 2:10 mark, Gohmert says something that seems to get hostess Uma Pemmaraju’s attention because she attempts to shut him down (wouldn’t you love to know what, if anything, was being yelled in her earpiece?).

Gohmert: Is there anything at all to the rumor that Egypt was helping push for this to try to kidnap Chris Stevens…

Pemmaraju: well…

Gohmert: …in exchange for the Blind Sheikh…

Pemmaraju: …but we don’t even.. yeah…


Pemmaraju: …those things of course have not been substantiated at this point.. that’s still… that’s… all that’s as you say is a rumor… at this point.

Gohmert: That’s right because they withheld the evidence..

Pemmaraju: …uh… we… uh…

At this point, Gohmert moves back to the subject of David Ubben and Pemmaraju clearly becomes more comfortable and allows Gohmert to talk.

Why would Fox News not want a congressman to talk about this subject? It’s not like one of its own reporters was engaged in speculation. It was one of their guests. You’d think that the network would want the congressman to keep talking. You don’t have to be a body language expert to discern that Pemmaraju was uncomfortable with this subject matter.

That was a bit reminiscent of Megyn Kelly shutting down David Horowitz last year when he began talking about Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:

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