Reuters: Obama Brotherhood tie a ‘Conspiracy Theor(y)’

A report by Reuters that headlined Secretary of State John Kerry’s scheduled visit to Egypt one day before Mohammed Mursi is set to go on trial, includes an interesting paragraph near the end. More on Kerry’s visit in a bit, but first…

Kerry: in Egypt one day before Brotherhood trial.

Kerry: in Egypt one day before Brotherhood trial.

Via the U.K. Guardian:

State-run newspapers often carry conspiracy theories which suggest Washington backed the Brotherhood to ensure US domination of Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. One even reported that President Barack Obama is a Brotherhood member.{emphasis ours}

The newspaper the Reuters report is likely referring to is Al-Wafd, which printed such an article back in August. The story alleging Barack is himself a member of the Muslim Brotherhood was given additional voice when Brotherhood sympathizer Shadi Hamid of the Brookings Institute, tweeted the article in an attempt to mock it.

Why did Pro-Muslim Brotherhood writer tweet article damaging to the Obamas?

Why did Pro-Muslim Brotherhood writer tweet article damaging to the Obamas?

To be clear, our work has never concluded that Barack Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood but we did report on the claims.

What the Reuters report totally avoids is the very tangible evidence that at least four members of Obama’s family in Kenya consort with wahhabists and one of those members – Malik Obama – works for an arm of the Sudanese government in his role as Executive Secretary for the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO). Sudan is led by Omar al-Bashir, himself a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. While we have also not made the charge that Malik is a Muslim Brotherhood member, it is a far more provable claim.

Al-Jebali: Egyptian official 'can confirm' Obama family role within Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Jebali: Egyptian official ‘can confirm’ Obama family role within Muslim Brotherhood.

Tahani Al-Jebali, former Chancellor of the Constitutional Court of Egypt, has made that claim and continues to do so. Even CNN Arabic reported Jebali’s claims this past August.

Youm 7 reported in August that a complaint was filed with Egypt’s Attorney General in which Malik Obama was accused of financing and supporting terrorism in Egypt. The complaint requested Al-Jebali’s input.

Those who make the charge that even if Malik is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, this shouldn’t implicate President Obama, run into a bit of problem, courtesy of the IRS and former Tax Exempt director Lois Lerner. By illegally back-dating the tax exempt status of Malik Obama’s organization, Lerner committed a crime. If she did so under orders from above, this would implicate the Obama administration – and quite possibly Barack Obama himself – in financing terrorism.

Lerner’s actions are not circumstantial; they are quantifiable (even if Congress refuses to investigate). Rep. Mike Kelly, who sits on the House Ways and Means Committee told a caller during a radio town hall on August 29th that the claims against Lois Lerner and Malik Obama are “spot on”. Yet, Congress has been silent on this extremely explosive matter.

There is additional circumstantial evidence that Secretary John Kerry, in deciding to visit Egypt one day before Mursi goes on trial, may be adding to. Consider that in August, Senators John McCain (RINO-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) traveled to Egypt as emissaries for Barack Obama to help negotiate the release of Muslim Brotherhood prisoners. There is perhaps no U.S. Senator more sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood than John McCain.

Bill Burns: Met with the jailed Khairat Al-Shater for 90 Minutes on August 4th.

Bill Burns: Met with the jailed Khairat Al-Shater for 90 Minutes on August 4th.

While McCain and Graham were making the rounds in Egypt, the State Department’s number two – Bill Burns – met quite secretly with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood deputy and former presidential candidate, Khairat al-Shater in secret for 90 minutes. Al-Shater’s chief of staff at the time – Gehad el-Haddad – attempted to diminish the meeting as being inconsequential and only lasted 10 minutes. It’s since been learned that el-Haddad, like Huma Abedin, whose familial connections to the Brotherhood are steep, also worked for the Clintons.

Speaking of al-Shater, suspicions about why Burns would decide to meet with him include reports that he is the Brotherhood leader in Egypt who has the most evidence against the U.S. President. Some weeks after Burns met with al-Shater, Fox News / AP reported that al-Shater’s son (Saad) was arrested by Egyptian authorities and that the younger al-Shater claimed his father had:

“…documents allegedly showing ties between his father and U.S. President Barack Obama.”

Now we learn that Secretary of State John Kerry will be traveling to Egypt for “only a few hours” the day before Mursi is set to go on trial.

Are his objectives in any way similar to those of his deputy, Bill Burns, John McCain, or Lindsey Graham?


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