Archive | November 3, 2013

Barrack Show: Interview with man who filed Malik Obama complaint

The interview with Dr. Sadek Ebeid begins at the 25:30 mark if you’d like to fast forward. To watch the show on video, click here. On Today’s show… Dr. Sadek Ebeid, a retired Egyptian Air Force Officer who is currently a U.S. Physician appeared on the Ben Barrack show today. He is the son of […]

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People Say That Christianity Is Not Political, But Is This True?

By Theodore Shoebat If I were the devil, I would tell people that it is more civil and fashionable to keep Christianity away from politics. If I were the devil, I would tell Christians to relax, be themselves, and restrict their Faith only within the sphere of social life, and not within government. If I […]

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