Archive | November 22, 2013

Political Debate turns into Water Fight

What do you get when you televise a debate between a pro-Muslim Brotherhood lawyer and a supporter of Mohammed Mursi’s removal from power this past summer? To call it lively does an injustice to animated theatrics. The guy on the left is the Islamic fundamentalist lawyer named Mustasir Al-Zayyat who actually walks off the set […]

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Girl Tied to Tree, Set on Fire

An 18 year-old girl is in critical condition, with burns on over seventy percent of her body. She was found tied to a tree. Those suspected of committing this heinous crime are not only her own brothers; their defense is that she had tried to commit suicide. Via Pakistan Tribune (h/t GWP): An 18-year-old girl […]

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Muslims Take Victims, Cut Off Their legs And Arms, And Then Chop Their Bodies Into Pieces

By Theodore Shoebat There is a horrifying story that took place in Syria, in which men were completely mutilated by Muslims. Joseph-Marie Chanaa of the Sisters of Charity, had this to say: what is happening here is inhuman. Young people are abducted. Dead bodies are chopped up, the arms and legs are cut off and […]

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Senate Committee briefed on Jailed Benghazi Suspect

Halfway through five pages of written testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, terrorism expert Thomas Joscelyn presented Congress with something that has been getting very short shrift in the media. The terrorist who founded a network involved in the Benghazi attacks last year is in custody but U.S. Intelligence still does not have access […]

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Muslim Sees Young Girl, And In Cold Blood Fires A Bullet Into Her Heart

By Theodore Shoebat A young ten year old Christian girl named Jessi just got out of Vacation Bible School in Egypt when a Muslim approached her and, without any affection or compassion, shot her in the heart and killed her. It was absolutely blood chilling when her parents received the news. Her mother, Zakrya, recounted […]

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Somalia: Report Rape, get Arrested

In a sane world, a woman who goes public with charges that she was raped, would be sought out by police and questioned about the details of the suspect(s). Perhaps a pencil sketch could be created from her descriptions. In a place like Somalia however, that woman and the journalist she reported the rape to […]

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