Archive | November 17, 2013

The Most Anti-Climactic Sound

On today’s show… Benghazi is rightfully back in the news cycle. On November 13th and 14th CIA employees who witnessed the attacks testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee, though in closed session. Essentially, there are three main things that have garnered media interest relative to Benghazi. First, witness testimony allegedly revealed that contrary […]

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Muslims Murder Men In Diabolical Ritual, And Abuse Their Corpses

Here is a recent video showing a gang of Muslims, without any human affection, slaughtering a man and then abusing his corpse: Here is another video showing a series of gruesome murders conducted by Muslims This is all human sacrifice, and its demonic. After watching this video, understand that these are the people who are […]

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Muslims Enter Christian Home, Butcher Husband, Wife, And Two Children

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria murdered four family members in their home, Joel Pam; his wife, Jemimah Pam, and two of their children, 2-year-old Jephtah and 4-year-old Joseph. The other two children, 10-year-old Susannah and 15-year-old Alfa, are being hospitalized and are now parentless. In one week in April, 17 Christians were slaughtered in […]

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