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Was British Soldier told to Stand Down in Benghazi?

When we chimed in on Lara Logan’s 60 Minutes piece on Benghazi, what caught our attention was a glaring discrepancy between a claim made by Logan and a diametrically opposing claim by the Accountability Review Board (ARB). Logan reported that CIA Annex personnel “ignored orders to wait” while the ARB said “the Annex team was […]

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Kuru Disease Devoloping In Syria Due To Cannibalism

By Theodore Shoebat Janelle Vaesa, a scientist with a Master of Science degree in Public Health from the University of Louisville, published an article on September of this year, in which she referenced our article on the one Syrian rebel who ate a man’s lung and on the other who barbequed a man’s head, and […]

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Proof Obama lied about Benghazi?

In a court of law, once a witness is found to be lying (just once), the credibility of that witness is gone and his/her testimony is thrown out. In fact, that witness’s testimony helps the other side because it’s a direct reflection on the side that called said witness. The President of the United States […]

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Two British Soldiers turned into Jihad victims

The two British soldiers seen in this photo with an Afghani who had recently urinated himself are now dead. They were shot dead in an obvious Jihad / martyr attack by the Afghan seconds after this photo was taken. Via Daily Mail: An unwitting British soldier who posed for a photograph with a rogue Afghan […]

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