Archive | November 13, 2013

New Problem for Benghazi Accountability Review Board?

The “Independent” Accountability Review Board (ARB) commissioned by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to investigate security lapses at Benghazi, may have new problem to deal with thanks to witnesses to the attack. They are testifying in front of the House Intelligence Committee this week. Though the testimony is taking place behind closed doors, Catherine […]

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Impeachment of Obama in Sight

By Keith Davies Many conservatives have been wishing for Republicans to have the courage to impeach Obama. I have stated previously that this will never happen because they lack courage and to be frank are basically a progressive tax and spend-lite version of the Democrats. Even if they did try, they do not have the […]

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Terrorists kill with SUV, Muslims say it’s not Terrorism

What would you call driving an SUV through a crowded area, murdering two people with that SUV and then setting it ablaze in a final act of suicide? Most people would call that terrorism. Muslims in the area where the terrorists were from say it was not and that the act was justified because women […]

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