Archive | November 18, 2013

Lindsey Graham looking increasingly Schizophrenic

The very last sentence of an article by Josh Rogin at the Daily Beast about a strong rift between Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Adviser Susan Rice either deserves to be the first sentence or the subject of headline in a different article. Here is that sentence, which involves Senator Lindsey Graham […]

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U.S. Military Training Terrorists in Libya?

The U.S. Military will reportedly begin training Senator John McCain’s “heroes” in Libya despite knowing that terrorists will likely be on the receiving end of such training. The Libyans will be the beneficiaries of both conventional and Special Ops training. The Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have reportedly […]

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Christian Holy War Is Coming Back, And God Wants A Crusade

By Theodore Shoebat A violent and reckless horde of Muslims are marching toward your neighborhood. When they arrive they will massacre your people, and ruthlessly torture you, very slowly. They will make you watch your wife being raped, and then force her to watch you die, and there is a chance that they will make […]

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