Archive | November 7, 2013

Ben Barrack on Andrea Tantaros show about Benghazi

Sam Sorbo, guest host on the Andrea Tantaros show, had Ben Barrack on today to discuss the recent controversy surrounding the 60 Minutes piece on Benghazi that aired on October 27th and narrated by Lara Logan. In the days after that airing, the Washington Post reported that one of the individuals interviewed by Logan – […]

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Obamacare by Morning: “Over 6 People Served”

At last night’s Country Music Awards (CMA), Brad Paisely and Carrie Underwood performed a duet in which they mocked Obamacare. It appeared that the majority of the crowd got it but when the camera panned the audience at the end, Taylor was one who didn’t look too “Swift”. As most people applauded, she exhibited what […]

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Criminal Negligence: The Race against Death

First Published November Last Year By Keith Davies The Western world which includes our governments, our church leaders, pastors and those individuals who prefer to choose willful ignorance about the suffering, persecution and murder of Christians in Muslim and Communist countries are guilty of criminal negligence, at best. America is still – though hanging by […]

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Christians Raise Arms To Fight Holy War Against Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat So few ears have heard the news on the very recent and greatest massacre of Christians in Syria. Forty five saints, in the village of Sadad, were slaughtered by the Muslim heretics, this is not just a mere killing, but a foreshadowing of a future holocaust. Here is a video filmed by […]

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