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Muslim Rapes Daughter For 12 Years, Impregnates Her, And Wants Child Dead

Watch this video that shows the misery a young girl has endured under the Islamic fundamentalist sadism of her father, who raped her, impregnated her, and then even threatened to murder her son. After watching, DONATE NOW TO SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES. After watching this horror, understand that it these very barbarians who are slaughtering Christians […]

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Jihadi Teacher Instructs denial of Holy Spirit

If you ever needed an example of why Muslims hate Christians, the video below should more than provide it. Westerners who do not understand that the goal of Islam is to completely erase national borders and put the world under a “New World Order” (our apologies to the Alex Jones crowd who see the Bilderbergs […]

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IRS Changing Rules; Congress still Mum on Malik

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is changing its rules in the middle of a huge scandal so that it can continue its pattern of discrimination and profiling. Yet, Congressional committee members who have been investigating the scandal still have said or done nothing about Lois Lerner’s signature at the bottom of a tax-exempt approval letter […]

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Muslims Take Young Girl And Throw Her Off A Building

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in a village of southern Minya province charged at Christian homes, and put 10 houses to the flames. They wounded 14 Christians, and the mob also took a 15 year-old girl and threw her down from the third floor of a building, injuring her severely. WE ASK YOU TO HELP THE […]

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Valerie Jarrett’s ‘Flexibility’ to Negotiate Iran deal

The now infamous ‘open mic’ moment between Barack Obama and then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev captured Obama talking about having “more flexibility” after being re-elected. The comments were made at a nuclear summit in Seoul, South Korea on March 26, 2012. Shortly before asking Medvedev for “flexibility”, Obama was overheard asking his Russian counterpart to […]

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