Archive | November 19, 2013

Hamas PM sends sick Granddaughter to Israel

Be forewarned if you ever attempt to enter the mind of a Muslim fundamentalist who despises Jews as the most evil creatures on earth. One such fundamentalist sent his sick granddaughter to Israel for treatment. Via Israel Today: Israel is the devil and the merciless foe of the Palestinian Arabs. Except for when a Palestinian […]

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U.N. Head compares Muslims to Jews while at Auschwitz

While on his way to… wait for it… a Climate Change conference in Poland, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon stopped to visit Auschwitz in an attempt to pay respects. In so doing, he compared the Jews who died there to Muslims he says are being persecuted today and are getting virtually no help. Here […]

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Egyptian National Security Official Assassinated!

His name was Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk and he was reportedly intricately involved in prosecuting cases against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. On Sunday, November 17th, he was assassinated. There will undoubtedly be more to this story as we research Arabic sources. Via Ahram Online: A senior officer in Egypt’s National Security apparatus was assassinated […]

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Jim Jones: Friend of Muslims and Democrats

As the country focuses on the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, there is another, perhaps even more macabre anniversary taking place. This week marks the 35th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre in Guyana, South America. Nearly one thousand followers of Jim Jones, a Marxist madman who masqueraded as a preacher, were coaxed into drinking […]

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