Turkey Border Patrol letting Al-Qaeda flow into Syria?

When it comes to the U.S. border with Mexico, the Obama administration and the Democrats have essentially instructed the Border Patrol to look the other way as illegals stream in. In Turkey, the Border Patrol there appears to be doing the same thing as al-Qaeda is allowed to stream into Syria. The rendezvous point for these terrorists seems to be the Hatay International Airport.

Hatay, Turkey: Al-Qaeda Terrorists streaming into Syria.

Hatay, Turkey: Al-Qaeda Terrorists streaming into Syria.

Via CNN (h/t Jawa):

It’s an odd experience flying in to Hatay, southern Turkey, on the border with Syria and its nasty and seemingly infinite war these days: there is a truly international flavor to the passenger manifests.

As we flew in, there were two men from Mauritania, one with a limp, accompanied by a woman from Tunisia. On another flight which we saw land, two young men with large backpacks, coming from Benghazi. On another, four Libyans, also from Benghazi.

Then a young, bearded man with a noticeably thick northern British accent, there to collect a friend from Leicester — the pair absolutely don’t want to talk, especially when I offer them a CNN business card. Then come the Egyptians, and a Gulf Arab — he sounded Saudi — who frantically kissed and embraced the bemused driver there to pick him up.

Claims by the Turkish government that it is fighting such terrorist groups ring about as true as the Obama administration’s claims that it is serious about border security on the Mexican border.

Here is a video report from CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh:


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