Barrack Show: New developments in Malik Obama case?

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On today’s show…

Is there a new development in the case against Malik Obama? Should he be considered an enemy combatant? Does he fit the definition under the Military Commissions Act of 2006?

Also, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has introduced legislation that would require the State Department to offer up to a $5 Million reward for information leading to the arrest / prosecution of Benghazi suspects. How much money could the current government of Egypt collect if it turned over suspects in the attack who are jailed right now?

Speaking of Ted Cruz… The Senator appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. How’d he do? Though provided with plenty of opportunities to knock the ball out of the park, Cruz came up a bit short, seeming to play things a bit too safe.

Bill O’Reilly is saying that focusing too much on the word “lie” when talking about Barack Obama and Obamacare is counterproductive, which is why he doesn’t use it. O’Reilly says it’s more important to focus on facts. However, what if it’s a fact that Obama lied and O’Reilly won’t say it?

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