Impeachment of Obama in Sight

By Keith Davies

Many conservatives have been wishing for Republicans to have the courage to impeach Obama. I have stated previously that this will never happen because they lack courage and to be frank are basically a progressive tax and spend-lite version of the Democrats. Even if they did try, they do not have the votes in the Senate. The (un)affordable care act is now revealing itself to all Democrat politicians who have even less than half a brain, for what it is – a disaster. Obviously, any independent or conservative who is more intelligent knew this nearly five years ago. We knew this was a terrible idea that also contradicted the very basic tenets of freedom in the Republic.

However, I did say that impeachment might happen if the Democrats themselves would throw Obama overboard. It now looks like this could very well happen within the next six to nine months.

Barack Obama: What, me impeached?

Barack Obama: What, me impeached?

It depends on the potential stubborn attitude of Obama himself. If Obama bends and is willing to at least postpone the mandate, adjust the law, which will actually negate most of Obamacare (repeal it without using the word ‘repeal’ in order to save face) or the President will flatly refuse to allow any changes.

The (un)affordable care act is the only signature legislation Obama passed in his first term when he had a filibuster-proof senate and a majority in the House. It is unlikely that Obama will wish to budge even if it means sacrificing his party’s fortunes in 2014. He is a true believer in socialist dogma and in his mind the healthcare act is actually working or going to work the way he wishes even though we know it is a disaster. Obama is delusional when it comes to everything he stands for even when it proves that it is failing. Look at his foreign policies. They are a complete failure. Yet, as bad as they are, Obama continues to follow the same failed policies over and over again with similar results.

If Obama opts for stubbornness and I believe that will be the case, this will lead to a probable 129 million policy cancellations, or huge premium increases with worse coverage for the money. The Democrat caucuses – both in the House and Senate – will not only wish to distance themselves from the president but may well go against him in an impeachment purge when the polls show that 15 – 20 senate seats will go up in smoke and the House may also lose more ground in the 2014 elections. Politics is war and maybe these 15 – 20 Democratic senators may wish to gain at least revenge and force impeachment before they get thrown out. Twenty-two Democratic senators with the Republican forty-five are enough to convict. Dianne Feinstein, who is not up for reelection, is already turning tail because of huge pressure from her constituents, so things could fall into place if Obama stands his ground and says no to any reform. This may be repeated in many more blue states, which is ticking off their own supporters which may be the nail in Obama’s presidency.

If the Democratic party goes in to full revolt because of Obamacare, it will be felt first in the Liberal media, as they will lead the charge. When the mainstream media leads the revolt and the full rigor of “proper and good” journalism returns, it will be as good as over for the Bamster. The media attacks will allow the Democratic party to fully revolt openly. We have tons of scandals to choose from in order to initiate articles of impeachment. The Fast and Furious legal case might be conveniently rushed forward in the federal courts. The IRS scandal may just become very clear that Obama knew first and directed personally the attacks on the Tea Party with a nice leak, or maybe the right witnesses will be suddenly available to testify and prove the high crimes and misdemeanors of the Benghazi terrorist attack. The Media will all of a sudden be willing to do their duty as they have never done before. If any of the scandals take hold fully in the media, Obama will have no recourse and will be unable to back down on Obamacare; it will be too late.

The tragedy for Americans’ healthcare, which was self-imposed by their poor decision in electing and reelecting this president will certainly provide for some very interesting politics over the next year.


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