Egyptian National Security Official Assassinated!

His name was Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk and he was reportedly intricately involved in prosecuting cases against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. On Sunday, November 17th, he was assassinated. There will undoubtedly be more to this story as we research Arabic sources.

Assassinated: Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk

Assassinated: Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk

Via Ahram Online:

A senior officer in Egypt’s National Security apparatus was assassinated Sunday, the Interior Ministry said.

The late Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk was responsible for investigating one of the cases of ousted president Mohamed Morsi as well as jihadist cells.

He was shot near his house in Cairo’s eastern district of Nasr City on Sunday night. Sources told Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website that Mabrouk was hit by seven bullets fired by unknown gunmen in a drive-by shooting.

Mabrouk was involved in the arrest of four Muslim Brotherhood members in August, including the group’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Badei, sources told Al-Ahram. {emphasis ours}

As to why Mabrouk may have been targeted specifically, Reuters reported:

Mabruk, who was gunned down by masked men, was in charge of monitoring the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the Interior Ministry’s National Security division.

“Our investigations point to Islamic jihadists carrying out this assassination with political motives,” a security official told Reuters. “They were taking revenge on Mabruk because he took care of a very high-profile file.” {emphasis ours}

Some details about the actual assassination have been reported by Youm7:

An eye witness who works at a shop near the crime scene said that he saw the victim headed home at about 9:30 p.m., he was followed by two cars, a yellow and a red one, the two cars surrounded him, one car stopped behind his car and the other stopped on his left side and they shot 14 bullets at him, seven bullets were shot to his head while the other seven were shot to his body, they then fled the scene.

Eye witnesses are now being investigated by the police in order to figure out any information that can lead to capturing the criminals. {emphasis ours}

We are currently looking into very shocking claims about what Mabrouk may have known.

More to follow…


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