Hamas PM sends sick Granddaughter to Israel

Be forewarned if you ever attempt to enter the mind of a Muslim fundamentalist who despises Jews as the most evil creatures on earth. One such fundamentalist sent his sick granddaughter to Israel for treatment.

Haniyeh: Cares enough about granddaughter to let Jews help her.

Haniyeh: Cares enough about granddaughter to let Jews help her.

Via Israel Today:

Israel is the devil and the merciless foe of the Palestinian Arabs. Except for when a Palestinian leader or one of his or her family members needs emergency medical care.

Israel on Sunday provided such treatment to Amal Haniyeh, granddaughter of Gaza-based Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, of all people.

The one-year-old girl had reportedly deteriorated to critical condition after contracting an acute infection of her digestive tract. Seemingly without hesitation, Haniyeh sent the girl to Israel, and the Jewish state, equally without hesitation, opened its arms to help the child.

Nor was little Amal the first member of the Haniyeh family to receive medical care from Israel. In the summer of 2012, Haniyeh’s brother-in-law was rushed across the border to receive urgent heart treatment at a hospital near Tel Aviv.

Now, this is nothing new on the Israeli side of the equation. Hundreds of Palestinians from Gaza enter Israel every month for medical treatment, some of it life-saving.

Reconcile Haniyeh’s actions above with the reason he gave for why terrorism is an effective strategy against the Jews:

Haniya preaches that the importance of terrorism as a strategy lies in the fact that it works so well on Jews, who, unlike the Palestinians, “love life more than any other people, and they prefer not to die.”

So, where does the Prime Minister of Hamas send his granddaughter for medical care? Well, obviously, he sends her to a people who loves life. Apparently, depending on what “life” is at stake, Haniyeh loves it too.