CAIR’s Los Angeles Director plays Islamophobia Card

One year ago, Hussam Ayloush, the Executive Director of the Los Angeles charter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) blamed Israel for escalating hostilities in its fight with Hamas. In December of last year, Ayloush praised Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi for his lurch toward tyranny and Sharia law.

Ayloush: Makes the Case FOR Islamophobia.

Ayloush: Makes the Case FOR Islamophobia.

Before watching this exchange that took place between Ayloush and IPT News, consider that Hamas wants to exterminate the Jews and Mursi was caught on video exhorting Muslims to nurse their children on hatred for the Jews. Both of those things constitute quintessential bigotry, do they not? Well, Ayloush is on record as having defended both Hamas and Mursi. Yet, in this video – shot at the annual CAIR banquet on November 16th, he refuses to condemn Hamas and accuses the cameraman of being full of “bigotry”.

Note the backward logic here. Ayloush refuses to condemn Hamas and then employs the Nathan Thurm technique. His premise is that whoever asks him to condemn Hamas must be bigoted for asking it. Why? Well… er… because the question presupposes that the Muslim being asked is being asked because he’s a Muslim.

Ayloush becomes defensive and then accuses the cameraman of the very bigotry that’s causing Ayloush himself to be defensive.

An entire psychology course could be based on this video. Near as we can tell, Ayloush employs a majority of these 15 psychological defense mechanisms.

Watch Ayloush make The Case FOR Islamophobia:

Can you spot the similarities between Ayloush and this guy?


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