When Insane men control Nuclear Weapons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has termed the Iran nuclear deal as an ‘Historic mistake’. Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton calls the deal one of ‘abject surrender’ by the United States. Israel’s Foreign Minister calls this deal the ‘biggest diplomatic victory’ for Iran in years.

This insane man ain't got nothin' on the Iranian Mullahs.

This insane man ain’t got nothin’ on the Iranian Mullahs.

Moreover, you know something is amiss when Saudi Arabia and Israel are becoming allies over this deal.

In essence, insane men are being empowered to develop nuclear weapons and use them based on their ideology, which leads us to a scene from the 1983 film The Dead Zone, based on a novel by Stephen King.

For some backdrop… The character played by Christopher Walken is named John Smith. After an automobile accident that kept him in a coma for five years, Smith awoke with the power to see the future by touching another person’s hand.

That leads to Greg Stillson, the character played by Martin Sheen. In the film, Sheen is an ambitious politician who is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate. With his curiosity piqued, Walken walks over to a scheduled campaign stop for Stillson. When the candidate walks by on his way to the stump, Walken shakes his hand and sees Stillson at Camp David in the future as President of the United States, plotting to launch nuclear missiles to fulfill his twisted vision.

The Iranian Mullahs who have just been given the green light to pursue nuclear weapons are even more insane than Stillson because of their religious beliefs: