You Can’t Keep Your Nuclear Weapons. Period.

By Keith Davies

Winston Churchill knew his predecessor Neville Chamberlain was gravely mistaken in allowing Hitler to gain the Sudetenland and eventually all of Czechoslovakia prior to the invasion of Poland, which forced the Allies to go to war with the Nazis.

“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.” – Winston Churchill in 1938, after Prime Minister Chamberlain signed an agreement with Hitler

Churchill: Proven right.

Churchill: Proven right.

Prior to Sunday November 24, 2013, the world community had demanded the complete dismantling of Iran’s nuclear program. So the Bamster and his Swift Boat Kool-aid drinker – along with the other “world powers” – have concluded that it is OK to allow the Iranians to enrich Uranium on a “limited” basis with the idea that they can come to a comprehensive agreement within six months. Really? I would strongly suggest that those six months are furthering delay tactics to achieve the complete goal of a nuclear weapon, ready to be pointed at Saudi Arabia and Israel. On September 30, 1938, Chamberlain also boasted about a preliminary agreement with Hitler that would lead to a “comprehensive” agreement! Eleven months later the world was plunged into war.

The Obama administration and the Associated Press seem to think that this could be a “crowning foreign policy achievement” but the rest of us – including many in the Democrat party – seem to disagree. Israel, which is meant to be the USA’s greatest “friend” and “ally”, have been all but shut out of the process in attaining this “historic” agreement, despite the fact that the defeat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions are crucial to the Israel-USA alliance. Geneva, the site of the negotiations, is all but 288 miles from Munich, where the most infamous diplomatic capitulation took place in 1938. The capitulation then set the stage for World War Two, with the death of 60 million people, including the annihilation of 6 million Jews. Today, Israel is home to more than 6 million Jews in Israel, who are increasingly vulnerable to nuclear attack. Even today, Iran has reiterated its desire to destroy the “Zionist regime”.

Ayatollah Khamenei: Hasn't changed his tune.

Ayatollah Khamenei: Hasn’t changed his tune.

Last week we had the nuclear option executed in the Senate with the Democrats breaking long held rules dating back to 1789 that required sixty votes to end debate before putting certain motions up for a simple majority vote. This week we negotiated a treaty that will allow a nuclear option for a rogue terrorist state. In a few short weeks, this president and his cronies have exposed to the ill-informed American people (the latest polls show them to be a bit more informed) the destruction of our health care system, the undermining of our Congressional checks and balances, and the provision to enable one of the worst regimes the ability to get a nuclear bomb. For proud Americans, this is one of the saddest and shameful two weeks in the history of this country. These two weeks have made our country less free and the world a much more dangerous place for us all. This president and his democratic party are the most dangerous both to our financial well being and to our freedom, whether their intentions are well motivated or evil.

The liar in the White House said, “You can keep your health plan, you can keep your doctor. Period.” Now we are fed a similar line relative to Iran. One that essentially says, “You can’t keep your Nuclear weapons. Period.” Do you believe him?

“We are not weak if we make proper use of those means which the God of Nature has placed in our power… the battle, sir, is not to the strong alone it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.” – Patrick Henry

Here is video of Chamberlain touting his deal with Hitler to raucous cheers. We all know how that worked out:


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