Jihadi Teacher Instructs denial of Holy Spirit

If you ever needed an example of why Muslims hate Christians, the video below should more than provide it. Westerners who do not understand that the goal of Islam is to completely erase national borders and put the world under a “New World Order” (our apologies to the Alex Jones crowd who see the Bilderbergs as the greater threat) need to see the video below.

The Holy Trinity Islam denies.

The Holy Trinity Islam denies.

The video, which takes place in Syria, features an Islamic teacher explaining to students why Christians should be hated and what the goals of Islam are. Note the biggest problem the “teacher” has. At the heart of his hatred for Christians is that they believe in the Trinity. Imagine being despised because you hate the idea that God has a Son who before returning to His Father, left us with the Holy Spirit.

Take note at the 1:30 mark when the Jihadi teacher asks for anyone who supports Bashar al-Assad to raise his hand. It’s not difficult to imagine what would happen to anyone who had.

“Whoever says that God is three is an infidel.” – Jihadi Teacher in Syria

At the core of true Christianity is a belief in the trinity, which includes the Holy Spirit. Forcing Christians to convert to Islam violates that fundamental belief, which is why so many in the Middle East refuse such an offer under penalty of death.



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