Young Man Rescues Hundreds Of People From Being Killed By Jihadist

By Theodore Shoebat

A brave young man named Aitazaz Hassan Bangash, sacrificed himself in order to save the lived of hundreds of his school mates.

When a jihadist holding a bomb attempted to enter the school, Aitazaz confronted him, and wrestled him down to the ground. The would-be-bomber panicked and then detonated the bomb, killing himself and Aitzaz, and thus the sacrificial, while destroying both the hero and the enemy, prevented the deaths of hundreds of students.

The gallant young man’s father said:

Aitzaz has made us proud by valiantly intercepting the bomber and saving the lives of hundreds of his fellow students …I am happy that my son has become a martyr by sacrificing his life for a noble cause.

 Aitzaz Hassan

Aitzaz Hassan


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