Arab Prostitutes in the Vatican

By Walid Shoebat

When plugging “Patriarch” or “Bishop” in Arabic on Google, what type of spiritual prostitution that is found should surprise western Catholics, but is of no surprise to us from the Middle East who are used to reading daily the statements from the highest ranks frothing with virulent anti-Semitic rhetoric made under the banner of “peace making”.

The top Arab Catholic leader in Lebanon, Patriarch of the Lebanon-based Maronite Syrian Catholic Church, Bechara Boutros al-Rai, says that the “core issue” of Middle East problems stem from Israel, “We are a nation looking for love and peace that we lost at home following the Arab-Israeli conflict”.

According to al-Rai’, the problem is that, “Jerusalem should not become Jewish because this is a great offense against Christianity, Islam and even towards the Jewish religion.” To support this cause, Al-Rai’ even sends his representative Abdo Abu Kasam to the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon to celebrate the notorious anti-Israel event, “Day of Jerusalem.”

For anyone who objects, Al-Rai’ has an answer: “There are those who want to patronize in Islam and Christianity a clash of civilization and are working to raise this conflict, but we are in Lebanon. We took the challenge that Islam and Christianity are living together and are one and are the wealth of mankind, and this is our goal, which we are working towards. We as Christians in Lebanon, our mission and our responsibility is to tell the Western world that Islam is the great wealth and value.”

Al-Rai’ is concerned that the “sons of the Middle East should not lose their Christian and Muslim identity” adding that, “The importance of this country [Lebanon] has spread the truth about Christianity and Islam to the world.” Officially he affirms that “Hezbollah arming itself is legitimate,” which conflicts with 70% of the Christian views in Lebanon.

What is so rarely circulated in the West is how it was Christian Arab Patriarchs and Bishops who infiltrated one major controversial decision in the Vatican, Nostra Aetate, which recognized Islam. Explaining how all this happened, came from the top when former Pope Benedict XVI last year revealed confessing that such unprecedented recognition of Islam stemmed from “bishops of the Arab countries”. The reason? They objected the recognition by Vatican of the Holocaust. When discussions began regarding Catholic-Jewish relations, Benedict revealed:

“ … to deepen and renew Christian awareness of this [The Holocaust] … the Arab countries—the bishops of the Arab countries—were unhappy about this: they feared somewhat a glorification of the State of Israel, which naturally they did not want. They said: fine, a truly theological statement about the Jewish people is good, it is necessary, but if you speak about that, speak of Islam too; only then will there be a balance …”— Pope Benedict on Nostra aetate, Tuesday, 19 March 2013.

Benedict then confesses the grave sin:

“In the process of active reception, a weakness of this otherwise extraordinary text has gradually emerged: it speaks of religion solely in a positive way and it disregards the sick and distorted forms of religion which, from the historical and theological viewpoints, are of far-reaching importance; for this reason the Christian faith, from the outset, adopted a critical stance towards religion, both internally and externally.”

The Christian Arab leaders ignore what Benedict stated, selling the blood of Jews and of saints who perished in the Holocaust for cheap to appease the mother harlot in Mecca. As one can clearly see, the language of Nostra Aetate, when it comes to Islam, reflects the exact sentiment of the Arab clergy. After Al-Rai’ appointed in the U.S., Bishop Abdallah Zeidan, we sent Theodore Shoebat (last week) to visit Zeidan and introduce Rescue Christians and offer financial aid for the plight of the Christians suffering under the yoke of Islam in Syria. Zeidan and his team objected, more important to them than accepting American aid to rescue lives was that Theodore’s use of the word “Islam” with “persecution of Christians,” was inaccurate.

They ‘corrected’ him with language that neither Islam nor Muslims have any animosity said that “the Muslims’ have great respect for Mary, and Jesus,” that, “Islam has much in common with Christianity and Catholicism,” and that Muslims “worship One God.” They said all of this as a reflection to Nostra Aetate. When Theodore noticed he was speaking to heretics, he courageously reminded them of the destruction of churches and of the golden history when the church was fearless in dealing with the heresy of Islam, and Zeidan simply denounced such a ‘golden age’ and brushed away this whole history off by saying, “Thank God we don’t live in those times.”

The problem is that the Spiritual prostitutes are the leading officials who represent the suffering Christians in the Middle East and is why we had to resort to courageous nuns like Hatune Dogan and her team of women who, unlike such cowards, clearly expose the truth and visit the danger zone.

From Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem to the Patriarch of Antioch Gregory III Laham, who heads the second-largest Catholic community in Lebanon, they all prostitute themselves rushing to stand with Islam against the Jews while providing token words for the suffering. Laham when criticizing the terrorist slogan “Islam is the solution,” he pre-qualified it saying, “I do not hear nothing but the slogan Islam is the solution. What we should say is that Christianity and Islam are the solution” while promising to influence the Pope to recognize the Palestinian state.

Another Patriarch, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal laments that the presence of Christians in the Holy Land is at risk declining to ten thousand and could be down to five thousand by the year 2016. Twal never blamed the rise of Islam in the region, but “the discrimination practiced by the Israelis against the Christians and Muslims alike,” since the population of the occupied territories are “subject entirely to the Israeli army.”

Another spiritual prostitute for Islam is Patriarch Michel Sabbah. He supports what he and the others term as “Arabism”: “history shows that the Arab Christian and the Arab Muslim are certainly two wings of Arabism which together form one civilization, that is the Arab civilization,” adding that what threatens this is, “Israeli occupation policies, especially toward the suffering of Jerusalem and Islamic historical monuments which is exposed to repeated violations at the hands of colonialists Zionist settlers against all the Muslim and Christian holy sites.”

Sabbah expresses that he is “against the Judaization of the holy city and the Judaization of the history and geography of the Palestinian land.”

This is not unusual to find the Arab Patriarchs and Bishops become spiritual prostitutes for Muslim terrorists. In my youth, I have organized demonstrations calling for Israel to release, Catholic archbishop Hilarion Capucci, who for years smuggled explosives from Jordan when the Israeli police finally arrested him in 1974 and sentenced him to only twelve years in prison.

The Vatican got him released two years later, of course. These days, Hilarion is an “aged” prostitute who is still put to use in the Gaza flotillas that have challenged Israeli Defense Forces. Why does he do all this? Capucci stated, “Jesus is the first fidayee [terrorist]”. These are all perhaps confused; Jesus was a friend of prostitutes and not spiritual prostitutes.

Please support Rescue Christians and email the Vatican ([email protected]), and demand that they replace these infiltrators and hirelings.

NOTE To Jad Abizeid
Jad, you said:

“Fidayee does not mean terrorist, the arabic word فدائي
represents a person who can sacrifice even his life for a certain

FACT: Fidayee (plural Fidayeen), even Wikipedia gets it “Palestinian fedayeen (from the Arabic fidā’ī, plural fidā’iyūn, فدائيون) are militants or guerrillas of a nationalist orientation from among the Palestinian people.[1][2] Most Palestinians and those in the wider Arab world consider the fedayeen to be “freedom fighters”,[3] while the governments of Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and Australia describe them as “terrorists”.

We are in America, aren’t we? Fidayee, therefore is “terrorist,” but it seems that even though you know that, but your feathers are ruffled, that’s good.

You said: “A small note on Arabs that you surely know: Arabs existed before Islam and “Arab” is not the property of Islam,”

FACT: Arabs existed before Islam in Arabia only. Today’s “Arab nationalists” are not Arabs by large, Lebanese consider themselves Phoenicians and many do aspire to the Arab nationalism, but so what. These prostitutes want to be called “Arabs”, so be it; Arab prostitutes.

You said: “Show me how you >have helped Christians in Syria.”

FACT: Gladly, search “Hatune Dogan” and “Shoebat” and if in doubt contact her yourself.

You said: “Reading about you shows that you have converted to Christianity, it will take you some time to understand the Catholic church struggles.”

FACT: I know the struggles quite well. In fact, I am doing a whole book on it. If you peruse my work, you will find several articles in which I defended Catholics.

You said: “Being a non Catholic we understand how it is easy for you to call catholic religious leaders as prostitutes especially when they try to bring religions together trying to heal an almost century old conflict.”

FACT: Even Jesus used similar terminology for some of the religious leaders of his time. Its quite valid. These leaders as you can see their remarks get too involved with anti-Israel politics instead of combating Islam and helping the persecuted.

You said: “Well Mr. Shoebat or Shou’aybat you sound to me more like an Arab prostitute for the Israelis.”

My sarcastic response: What can I say, the Mossad pays me well.

You said:
“Jews have gathered up and planned for their triumphant comeback, and they did so with perseverance, one of the last alibis they used for public sympathy was the Holocaust. Had they not used force in Palestine in 1948 to create their Israel, it would have been the most respectable country in the middle east.”

My response: Well, its time you get provoked to jealousy. Start applying to join Mossad.

You said: Palestine and the entourage had to pay for what the Nazis did to the Jews (at least Arabs think that way),

FACT: Never heard of “Palestine” until we lost in 1967 and even then it was called Jordan and the PNC (Palestinian National Council) called it Jordan until way later. Please also review my research on Arabs selling land to the Jewish National Fund. My own grand father sold much land to them.

You said: “They always push the holocaust to front lines for the sympathy of the public opinion.”

Response: Well, its time you push the Damur Massacre. The problem is that you are a lazy “Arab” and the Jews are not.

You said: “Islam is taking the face of terrorism because in the Quran it is allowed to kill, and poor muslims think that they do a favor for themselves if they kill and/or die for God, and some of their twisted spiritual leaders are pushing them to do so.”

My response: So what? If someone shoots your mother and steals her purse to buy drugs, do you only blame the drug-pusher who taught him the habit?

You said: “Your article is a cheap way of showing sympathy for Syria’s Christians.”

Actually my article wasn’t “cheap”, but free. I wrote it myself.

You said: “If you really want to help, you know who you need to talk to, your Saudi allies and your George Bush Sr, the Oil Titans. Rockefeller ways of dealing with business in the US are over but these same ways are being used by the US on foreign countries and Israel is one of the most beneficiaries.”
Conspiracy theorists abound in the U.S., but in the Middle East, its almost 99.9%. Obviously, your Lebanese who listens to the usual brainwash. Again, glad to have ruffled your feathers, but I doubt that you will wake up from your conspiracy theories that Arabs manufacture daily.


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