Muslims Execute Christian Man After His Family Pays Ransom

By The Persecuted Christian

captured christian copy

Her frantic cries reverberated and were heard for miles asking for her son release as the war of attrition on the nation’s indigenous Christians continues. Kidnapped by the Islamic rebels who demanded a big ransom from his family.

The sad circumstance so resonated with other members of man’s family who in tatters tried eagerly to collect the requested amount to release their captive. The money was ready after relentless attempts to sell their precious assets to secure the ransom. Tragically after sending the money to the militants, the young Christian man was shot savagely in his head.

Abductions by rebel groups, gangs or common criminals, are a ubiquitous phenomenon in Syria and disproportionately affect Christians. The Christians, however, are not simply caught in the middle, as collateral damage. They are the targets of a more focused shadow war, one that is taking place alongside the larger conflict between the Shiite-backed Baathist Assad regime and the largely Sunni rebel militias. Christians are the targets of an ethno-religious cleansing by Islamist militants and courts.

In addition, they have lost the protection of the Assad government, making them easy prey for criminals and fighters, whose affiliations are not always clear.

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Unprotected, the Christians are also prime victims of kidnappers and criminals, As soon as Islamists reaching any place where Christians are, they would kill anyone who does not practice the religion of their Muhammad. They use the courts to level charges of blasphemy.

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