China Says It Will Use “Forceful” Action Against Japan If Provoked

By Theodore Shoebat

Chinese major general and former former head of the foreign affairs office of the Ministry of National Defense, Qian Lihua, confirmed that China will use forceful action against Japan, and any other country that treads upon its disputed territory. He said:

We don’t expect any kind of war to break out and we hope to control crises and prevent warfare. We want to resolve conflicts and remain peaceful. But China cannot realize those goals alone …It requires all countries in the region to cooperate closely and to make
a joint contribution to regional peace and stability

Qian Lihua also warned that Japan has been taken over by fanatic reactionaries who want to challenge the restrictions imposed on Japan after WW2:

Japan has lost its direction, and has been taken advantage of by right-wing forces to challenge the international order created after World War II

This is a significant statement, and is in accordance with my earlier article on Japan that informs of the dangerous reactionaries in the Japanese government who are denying the holocausts their country committed, rewriting the history of the atrocities the Japanese did upon the Chinese and other Asian peoples. Just recently, numerous Japanese reactionary politicians announced that their desire to reexamine the Kono Statement of 1993, which was an apology issued by Japan for the mass rapes its imperial empire committed on hundreds of thousands of women during WW2. Abe once said:

The Kono statement put dishonor on the back of Japan by indicating that the military stormed into houses, kidnapped women and turned them into comfort women

Japan, under Shinzo Abe, has increased the military power of Japan to its highest level since the end of WW2.

Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang, made quite a serious affirmation in regards to preventing Japan from altering the post-WW2 international order:

we will safeguard the victory of World War Two and the post-war international order, and will not allow anyone to reverse the course of history.

Dr Pradeep Taneja, Lecturer in Chinese Politics at Melbourne University, attributed this statement to China’s concern over Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s increase in Japan’s military capabilities and in its selling of weapons to other nations:

I think one of the hints that we have in the Li Keqiang speeches, particularly when he refers to the Second World War and safeguarding the victory of the Second World War, I think the reference here is to, attempts by Mr Abe’s government to essentially expand the role of the Japanese self-defence forces. For example, selling weapons again to other countries, and China is essentially saying that we will not accept Japan changing the post-war order in terms of Japan’s role in security in the region.

Taneja affirmed that the tensions between China and Japan are of great significance in regards to peace, and thus a highly potential hinderance to security, in the region:

I think the tensions between Japan and China are probably one of the biggest causes of worry as far as security in the region is concerned. And if this brinkmanship continues between the two sides, then clearly there’s a risk that accidents can happen.

China’s and Japan’s contention over the Senkaku Islands is still continuously increasing without placation. Add to this the reviving of fanatical Japanese nationalism, and the current situation does not look prospective for peace between the two powerful nations.

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