Muslims Shoot Down Numerous Christians

By Theodore Shoebat

The consequences of democracy are blossoming with their filthily colored pedals in Libya, as lawlessness and violence rule the land, and the the restrictions of government are vanquished by Islamic evils.

Recently, a Christian named Nashat Bibawi heard a knock on the door, and when his father, Talaat Sedeek Bibawi, opened the door, three Muslims armed with automatic weapons barged into their apartment and seized them. Nashat recalled the encounter:

They asked us if we were Christians …We told them, “yes, we are Christians.”

They checked their wrist to see if they had the tattoo of the Cross common to Coptic Christians, they then checked out the apartment to search for any more Christian symbolism. Nashat described the terrifying scene; there were jeeps and more gunman:

Outside the building we found another five gunmen holding four Christian workers, they were our relatives who were living in a first-floor apartment, and two Jeeps waiting for us

As the gunmen were beating their hostages, and were about to take the Christians into jeeps, Nashat saw an opportunity of escape:

I rushed back into the building and went to the roof and hid there …I heard them enter the building looking for me but they couldn’t find me

After he fled the Muslims took the remaining seven Christians, including Nashat’s father, and murdered all of them.

Murders such as these are taking place each and every day. Every second that ticks, every minute that passes, a life is being shed. There is no more room to waste time. We must act if we to preserve the lives of the saints. Please, donate now to save the lives the Christian from impending death.

One of the Christians killed was Edward Boulos; his brother, Amin Nashed Boulos, lamented greatly:

What was the mistake Edward did to be killed… He left his family and traveled Libya to work there and save money to meet the needs of his family. He was enduring the difficulties there to feed his family

Kemal Kaldas, a lawyer and cousin of the victims, spoke of the evils Christians in Libya are suffering right now:

The situation of the Christians in Libya is so bad. The Christians in Libya are targeted from the Partisans of Al Sharia groups who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt …I ask the Egyptian government to intervene quickly and secure the rights of the victims, to ask the Libyan authorities to investigate and arrest the assailants

Two brothers were amongst the seven murdered; their names were Nadhi Girgis Habib, 26, married and a father of two, and Hani Girgis Habib, 24, married and a father of one.

Their brother, Farg Girgis Habib, who is still alive, expressed his indescribable pain:

I lost two brothers …When Hani left for Libya his wife was pregnant with their first son …He was planning to come home next month to meet him for the first time. He never saw his son …The death of my two brothers was a shock for all my family. It was a terrible thing. The other victims are my relatives too. I know that they are martyrs and in heaven with Jesus Christ. They were killed because they are Christians, because of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ …The killing of the Egyptian Christians in Benghazi caused us terrible pain and suffering. Thinking of those poor young men who just came here to earn their living and died miserably on a desert beach, alone, without any kind of compassion, just because they believed in Jesus Christ, makes me sick and sad …Those who struck them attacked God himself, and it is to Him they will answer for their actions

Rescue Christians is currently on the ground delivering Christians from persecution in numerous parts of the Middle East, such as Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, and Pakistan. This is your chance to be a part of this great mission to save our brethren, so please donate today and save Christian lives.


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