Muslims Sexually Harass Blond Woman

Posted by Theodore Shoebat

Watch this video from Egypt of Muslims sexually harassing a blond Egyptian woman (Egypt has one of the highest rates of sexual harassment in the world):



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  • Goten Loves Life and Apples

    What harassment i can’t tell anything from that d grade video other than the whole video looks fake to say the least? For starters who would wear flashy colors over in a country like that not to mention the hair looks like a wig and the girls head looks like computer graphics?

  • GrimReaperLady

    Muslim dogs following her! They completly sick in the head

    • Goten Loves Life and Apples

      That video is about as fake as your name.

      • Truthseeker
        • Goten Loves Life and Apples

          It still looks fake as heck to me and anyone going to a country like that wouldn’t dress like that where everyone can spot them a mile away?

          • Truthseeker

            If the video is fake as you say, what do you think is the agenda of the person/s who made it?

          • Goten Loves Life and Apples

            I don’t know what the agenda is all i know is it looks like computer graphics to me heck the hair looks fake and so does the face if you ask me?

          • Truthseeker

            The face is pixelated which is obvious from the video in order to protect her identity

          • Goten Loves Life and Apples

            Protect her identity from whom if the video is true the muslims already know who she is and that being the case only the good guys couldn’t see what she looked like or what expression was on her face if any at all? Wake up man the islamic illuminati is taking over the world and they have been using secret societies to control the west for hundreds of years already. Don’t worry about some bogyman when you have a world filled with elites that dabble in the occult and worship a pagan god called Allah.

  • Voncent

    Thank you for showing us another example of the absolute contempt that Muslims have for women, Muslim “refugees” in Norway and Sweden are committing gang rapes of European women as young as 12 y.o., but the press is silent about it. Malmo is one of the most dangerous cities in Europe, infested with racist Muslim gangs that attack anyone with white skin!

  • yahshua love’s you

    Still following their pimp Muhammad’s order to rape and beat and pimp women dirty low scum bags

  • stage9

    I guess the camels were out to pasture that day. They had to resort to ogling a woman.

  • Truth Seeker

    So why aren’t the feminists coming against such obvious sexual harassment of women?? Because the perverted perpetrators are Islamic pigs who receive special dispensation by the feminists.

  • Rebecca Lakerfan

    I couldn’t tell from this clip that they were doing anything sexual. Just following her.