Sharia Law Is Coming To Persecute Christians All Over The World

By Theodore Shoebat

Sharia law is coming over Christians all over the world, be it in Syria or in Libya, Pakistan or Afghanistan, and if the Muslims and their sympathizers have their way, in America and the rest of the Western world. But I believe we need to rephrase our use of the term “Sharia law,” because it really needs to be deemed as, “Sharia lawlessness,” since that is what Islam truly brings.

Jean-Abdo Arbach, an Archbishop of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church of Homs, has declared that Sharia code is already being imposed on Christians in Syria:

Islamic law is to be applied, while all Christian symbols which are publicly visible are to be destroyed …Also, Christians who wish to remain will in future have to pay a special tax.

As the darkness of Islam grows thicker, we are working harder to dissipate it with the Light of God and His Law.

The Law of God is to love thy neighbor, and that is what we must do in regards to the persecution of Christians. Please donate to help us save more Christians from brutal and oppressive persecution in Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Keith Davies, our Executive Director for Rescue Christians, wrote of our significant today:

Rescue Christians is excited to report progress in several areas for our work to save our brethren.

We have placed people on the African continent to effectuate the moving of hundreds of persecuted families over the next six months. We have been blessed by some very helpful aid from people both from the USA, Australia and nationals from the African country we will be operating in. We have also moved one of our key international partners there to organize our efforts on the ground.

We plan to both acquire farmland and open restaurants to offer employment both to the persecuted and the local population. All profits made from the business (won’t be for at least a year or more) will be used to save more people. The host country which we prefer not to publicize, has the ability to allow permanent status to people we move out of harms way.

The object in the immediate term is to provide sanctuary only to people who are in grave danger of being killed or imprisoned for their faith. However later we anticipate, based on what we are seeing in the news and from our experience, that millions will require rescue. If we can raise awareness and the vast financial resources this will require; along with expert planning, we hope we can facilitate up to a million people.

We need to find at least 30 countries who will offer sanctuary. What we have done so far has been through the amazing generosity of the relative few who know about our work.

Our web site continues to grow and we past the one million page views in trailing 30 days yesterday. We need to continue to grow our web site ( and will be updating the site over the next 30 – 45 days which we hope will add to a better engagement and navigation which will not only help add more traffic but will increase the amount of page views per visit.

Ryan Stanton the 16 year old who we rescued about 14 months ago just received his refugee status from the UNHCR , which now allows him to travel to any country of his choosing. This was again achieved through the generosity of your support as well as the brave and courageous work of our partners on the ground in Pakistan. We are currently working on a very similar situation and when the rescue is complete we will inform you of the case history.

We continue to support for Sister Hatune organization, who works in Iraq and Syria and we are investigating if we can provide protection and safe passage to the endangered Christians of Syria. We hope to have meetings with people on this over next few days.

If you are not already helping us please consider a monthly partnership and please spread the word about our web site and the work to save our brethren. If you would like to receive brochures, which also include pledge forms please email me at [email protected].

If you would like to make a donation that will be used to save Christian lives, please click here and give what you can.

Keith Davies
Executive Director


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