Muslims Force 3 Million People To Suffer Homelessness, Parentless Lives, Starvation, And Other Horrors

By Theodore Shoebat

I am quite perplexed and shocked that this recent report did not spread throughout the media. It reveals that 3 million people in Nigeria, which is a third of the population, have been forced, by Muslim jihadists, to suffer homelessness, parentless lives, and other pains and horrors.

According to the National Emergency Management Agency,

The fabric of society is being torn apart, with the increase of female-headed households, unaccompanied children, and the most vulnerable being left behind

Not only are countless children without fathers and mothers, and numberless families without homes and husbands, but starvation has now seized the people, and their infirm bodies have been oppressed by the greatest anguish.

On Thursday, the Borne-Yobe People’s Forum of concerned citizens spoke of “the brewing humanitarian crisis in the northeast” stating that “without adequate water, food, and medical supplies the displaced persons have been rendered destitute.”

The incessant attacks of the Muslims has also hindered sanitation and the much needed prevention of disease.
The Emergency Management Agency describes the grim details and harsh realities:

Sanitation conditions are horrendous, with an average of 500 persons per latrine

Schools have not even been exempted from the violent eyes of the Muslims. Numerous campuses have been attacked and hundred of students murdered, having their throats cut and even being burned alive.

The amount of people suffering in Nigeria, because of Islam and Muslim incursions, is not hundreds or even thousands, but three million. Boko Haram, the Muslim group causing the violence, believes that by killing Christians they will obtain salvation. As one former member of the Boko Haram exposed:

We used to kill Christians because we believe that by killing them, we will enter heaven at death. Our leaders used a Quranic passage that seems to support our action (Recites some Quranic lines). In interpretation, the passage says: “O you believers, you should not be friendly with your enemies.” ‘Believers’ here means we, the Muslims and ‘enemies’ are the Christians.

They are fulfilling the words of the Koran perfectly. And so it is up to us to fulfill what Christ commands, and that is to help the persecuted Christians. We in Rescue Christians have rescued over a thousand Christians from Islamic violence in Pakistan, and we are currently working to deliver Christians in Iraq and Syria. Please donate to save Christian lives from the brutality.


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