Muslims Send Christians To Reeducation Camps To Be Severely Beaten And Forced To Convert To Islam

By Theodore Shoebat

In the Muslim nation of Malaysia, Muslims who convert to Christianity are sent to reeducation camps where they are severely beaten and coerced to return to Islam. This has been revealed by a Malaysian native, who goes by the name Daniel, who converted to Christianity. He said:

Malays who leave Islam basically lose everything… They’re refugees in their own country and are treated as outcast. [Accepting Christ] is seen as one of the greatest sins that a Malaysian Muslim can do

Daniel said that Malays who convert to Christianity are sent to reeducation centers that are “deep in the jungle” and surrounded “with barbed wires”. He then said that Christians are “severely beaten in these retreat centers.”

He exposed the fact that in Malaysia persecution is very real, but very concealed:

Persecution is around, though it’s hidden very well. …Generic advertisements-with all those nice smiling Malaysians-tell you Malaysia is a beautiful and peaceful land… This is our culture. If we are upset with you or if there is a conflict between us, we’ll still smile at you. We might poison you the next day, but we’ll still smile at you. We like to hide things. That’s why for a long time, people did not know of the persecution that was taking place in our country-because it was all hidden and underground.

Because of this persecution, many non-Malaysian Christians in Malaysia are terrified of having converts to Christianity enter their churches. One Malaysian convert said:

I gained everything [after converting to Christianity]. The only thing that was tough for me when I left Islam was that the church closed its door on me. It has happened in several churches that when a Malay walks in the usher says, “No, you cannot come in.” This is very upsetting to me because nobody should be segregated from hearing the gospel. Christians do these things out of fear, to protect themselves.

The suppression of Christianity is to the point that a church cannot be built with a certain distance of a mosque, as Daniel explained:

there are certain areas in which we cannot build our churches. If there is a mosque in a five kilometer radius, no churches may be built. A lot of different rules make sure that Christianity doesn’t grow.

Persecution is already in Malaysia, but its only going to get worse.



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