Even MSNBC RIPS Bergdahl’s Taliban Father

This exchange between MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, other panelists, and MSNBC reporter Chuck Todd is instructive on several levels. First, the dysfunctional mentality of the left – that judgment is bad – is on full display. Todd is nearly apoplectic when Scarborough makes a statement of fact relative to Bob Bergdahl’s history of consorting with the Taliban, which was chronicled in great detail at Shoebat.com.

Note the absurd logic of Todd in the exchange. The issue is not whether the elder Bergdahl is wrong; it’s simply that he shoudn’t be criticized at all. Todd never does explain his rationale but he’s clearly attempting to feign so much indignation that Scarborough feels shame and relents. To Scarborough’s credit, he does not.

At one point, after Scarborough slams Bob Bergdahl for telling his son to “OBEY YOUR CONSCIENCE”. Todd, reduced to having no logical comeback whatsoever, attempts to bait Scarborough into politically correct surrender by saying, “So he’s a bad father?!”. Scarborough’s repsonse?


This exchange is a teachable moment for conservatives. Believe in something all the way and understand that when a liberal does what Chuck Todd did, it’s a tactic of politically correct intimidation.

Another interesting aspect to the exchange is Scarborough’s liberal sidekick, Mika Brzezinski who is concerned not about right or wrong but about whether Scarborough will receive too much hate mail.

h/t Breitbart


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