Rich Hollywood Actress Caught Conspiring to Profit from Saudi OIL and Propaganda by Destroying American Jobs

Susan Sarandon is apparently an actress in the movies and in real life. In the movies, she pretends to be someone else. In real life, she pretends not to be a fraud. Project Veritas has done it again. It has exposed, in part two of an expose’ relayed by, the willingness of Hollywood actors and producers to profit from that which they publicly claim to despise while privately taking money out of the pockets of Americans by working toward killing an entire industry.

It is clear after watching this video that Sarandon – a far left actress who claims to fight global warming – and her agent Steven Sanchton are willing to go to great lengths to help produce and promote an anti-fracking film for the same reasons that Ed Begley, Jr., Mariel Hemingway, and producers Josh and Rebecca Tickell were willing to. Those reasons include being open to enriching themselves by taking money to produce Saudi propaganda for American consumption that is intended to do demonstrable harm to the U.S. economy:

Although Sarandon makes an appearance in the documentary, the lion’s share of the face time comes courtesy of Sanchton. All parties involved clearly know and understand what they’re doing is wrong because they go to great lengths to keep hidden the source of the film’s financiers while also discussing how bad it would be for Sarandon if the truth came out.

All of these players are clearly followers of the Al Gore agenda. If the likes of Hollywood actors and producers are willing to go to these lengths, what does that reveal about Gore’s motives?

What does it say about Gore’s film receiving an Academy Award?

Left-wing ideologues who believe man-made global warming is destroying the planet are true believers only to the extent that they practice what they preach. Such people are at least consistent. Those who claim to believe the veracity of such a fraud perpetrated on the American people but who live lavish lifestyles that are reliant on carbon emissions that far outstrip those of average Americans are worse by degrees. Begley clearly belongs in this category. Actor John Travolta perhaps best encapsulates this behavior. Travolta has a history that includes lecturing Americans about their carbon emissions and expressing solidarity with Al Gore. Yet, Travolta owns five jets and even has two of them parked at his house:

The Travolta Residence.

The Travolta Residence.

However, worse still are extremely wealthy celebrities who claim the mantle of righteousness, are grossly hypocritical while doing it, and go even further by willingly being part of an effort that not only seeks to bilk the American people who are their customers.

This treasonous mentality is even worse because it seeks to kill an industry in a U.S. economy that is already on life support. These traitors are willing to further enrich themselves by helping to put Americans out of work while also helping a country that was complicit in the worst attack on American soil – Saudi Arabia.


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